The Business Owners Reluctant Confession…

“Writing daily emails to my list drains me of time and energy”

We create fully customized emails you can send to your subscribers EVERY DAY, to make more sales
  • PWe write your daily emails (we only have professional copywriters on our team)
  • PYou get unlimited daily emails ready to send (no proofreading or editing required at your end!)
  • PWe help you connect and engage more with your email subscribers (using custom written emails)
  • PWe help increase open rates, improve click through rates (and ultimately grow your sales)
  • PYour list of subscribers will be more ‘warmed up’ (which means more ready to buy from you)
  • PWe don't charge by the word, hour, or email (you choose the plan with a flat fee to suit)
  • PYou can forget about negotiating with freelancers for your email campaigns (our flat fees to the rescue!)
  • PYou bring an end to the risks with hiring unproven writers at high fees (we are experienced, affordable and dependable)
Companies that save time on daily emails
Get Unlimited Daily Copy For A Flat Monthly Rate

For much less than many direct response copywriters charge for only one email

No surprises - flat fee direct response copywriting without renegotiation

Flat and fixed fees. Pay monthly or annually and save thousands of dollars. Your flat fee payment also covers for the proofreading, ongoing content plans and the strategy trainings for you and your assigned copywriter. 

Select the number of emails you want

We understand that on some weeks you need only one email, on some you need three, or more. We can write even five emails a week or 30 a month. You are in full control of the content plan as well as what we write for you.

Dedicated professional email copywriter

You are assigned your own professional email copywriter whose work is supervised for quality. This includes training, onboarding, and strategy. And since your copywriter works with you for a long time, they get to know your needs and write in the style that gets you better results.

Proofreading by our copywriting supervisor

All emails go through our copywriting supervisor who makes sure the copy was proofread. Every single word of it. We also look for style improvements, length of copy and seven other principles that create an efficient daily email.

Emails supplied straight to your Daily Cookie Dashboard

You’ll love how fast we are at dropping your emails into the dashboard – ready for you to send. We also realize you might prefer opening up tickets in an email to us. We will transform them into a ticket for you. We will even make sure you get the Google doc link for the copy mentioned in a spreadsheet with all of the emails we wrote for you, so you get access to your content in so many ways.

We can even send your emails through your CRM

Want us to monitor your Open rates and Click Through rates? Want to save more time? Let us load the emails into your CRM/autoresponder for you. It’s all done for you as soon as you approve the copy (or at some point… pre-approved even). 

Affordable - so you can save lots and lots of money

Look, we get it. Business expenses are a struggle. We take pride in saving you money. How much money? Let’s just say that our clients report they had offers for copy for email that started at $360 per email. We charge that much for a whole month…

Get more in touch with your people

Nothing else keeps you in touch with your subscribers quite like email. With an unmatched return-on-investment (ROI) of $41 for each $1, sending more email to your list is a no brainer.

Drive traffic you already own to your sales page

Emails done right bring more visitors to your sales pages. Sending the right emails DAILY makes more sales. To you that may sound counter-intuitive. Until you test the evidence for yourself you’ll never know. But wait! You don’t have to spend time and money testing to see if daily emails make more money. Daily Cookie has already done that thousands of times. The proof is immutable. Sending more emails makes more sales.

But, isn’t email dead?
No! Great emails sent as regularly as DAILY are very much alive. And they continue to grow revenue for online and offline business owners every day.

Which marketing channel works best right now?

According to research conducted by MarketingCharts in 2019, a whopping 82% of respondents say they perceive email to be the most effective digital marketing channel.
Fact! Subscribers love checking their inbox
Research reveals that 50%+ of email subscribers check their inbox each day upon waking and before getting out of bed.

Some check their inbox as much as 20 times a day. With mobile, checking email is super fast and easy, after all. Your own subscribers will check YOUR emails daily – when the emails you send are so riveting they cannot resist opening and reading them line by line all the way to your offer!

Get Unlimited Daily Copy For A Flat Monthly Rate
For much less than many copywriters charge for only one email

Stop competitors stealing
your customers!

The Average Email Subscriber Is Receiving 13 Business- to-Consumer Emails A Day

Which means if you’re not sending a daily email, your competitors are very likely STEALING your customers away!

50% Of Marketers Are Now Sending Up To 8 Emails Per Week

Which means half of all email marketers are WAKING UP TO THE FACT that one email per month or even weekly is no longer enough to keep subscribers interested, engaged, and taking action on offers.

Email Marketing Has An Average ROI Of 4,200%

Wait! For every dollar a business owner invests in sending emails, they get $42 IN RETURN. Crazy!!!

80% Of Retail Owners Say Emails Are Their Most Significant Customer Retention Driver

Stop! Did you see that? “Customer retention…” Emails are not only great for getting new sales – but for KEEPING CUSTOMERS LONGER. And a longer customer lifetime value (CLV) converts to more sales and dependable profits.








What the experts are saying about emails

“;Only the companies and brands that create human connection are going to succeed. This is extremely true with email. You might get short term benefits from very promotional content, but honest, human, and personalized content creates a following for the long term.”;

HENNI ROINI, Marketing Manager, HubSpot

“I tried writing and sending emails with little results – except lost time”
Perhaps you’ve tried writing emails yourself – and hated it. Maybe you hired a professional content writer for a few emails and got grossly overcharged for an underperforming result.

Or are you simply too busy working in your business to be managing the task of writing quality emails that you can confidently send out to your list? If it’s any or all of the above then the buck stops here!

Daily Cookie makes marketing to your email list faster and easier. How? We write emails especially for your business so you have an unlimited supply of ready-to-send emails every day. And you don’t pay by the word. You don’t pay by the hour. You don’t even pay per email. All you pay is one flat monthly rate! How’s that for making life easy?

A dedicated, professional copywriter

We match you with one of our skilled copywriters who will know your business, your brand, your voice, and your core message. Each fully customized email will be written for YOUR list only.

VIP customer support

Our support team gives you the urgent attention your business deserves. Always real people with real answers. You can expect rapid response to your support requests. We are always ready to help.
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Here’s what people are saying about Daily Cookie…

Loren Fogelman

Hi Ziv,  everything's good to go on our end. Your team worked their magic and the page looks great.

Loren Fogelman
Business Success Solution

Carolina Balloons' Client

It was great! Thank you for reaching out each week. It was one of your emails that prompted the lightbulb to go off in my head to ask you guys to help decorate rather than me try to do it all myself. We loved the decor and look forward to hopefully partnering with you guys again soon!!!

Carolina Balloon & Confetti Client

Halley Foye

We just made 57k USD this month - the best month we had in the last 2 years. Thank you Daily Cookie!

Halley Foye
Carolina Balloons

Jeanne & Kirsten

Thank you! We are learning so much from you and we are truly grateful!

Jeanne & Kirsten
Six Figures Business Coaching

Conversion Blueprint

I use Daily Cookie! Love it.

Conversion Blueprint

Rachel S. Lee

low price with very quality copy!

Rachel S. Lee

Jonah Babbins

YESSSSSSSS This is amazing. WOW Perfect email

Jonah Babbins

Chris Badgett

"Love the Design Pickle for copy service idea. Ziv your generous spirit, creative mind, and entrepreneur skills make a wonderful combination to watch!"

Chris Badgett

Zivi Raviv

After 90 days of daily emails, 5 times a week, people started buying way more. We've just had our best month EVER!"

Zivi Raviv
Kivi Media

Rob Fisher

"Daily Cookie has proven to be of exceptional value in marketing my business. The emails they wrote for me are of the highest standard - and they work! I even sent a campaign of their emails to an old list of 2,000 subscribers who I haven't reached out to for over two years. And sales are through the roof."

Rob Fisher
MFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Professor, Author

Kids Entertainers Academy

"We quit writing our own fortnightly emails and starting sending Daily Cookie emails daily - and quickly made 3X MORE sales with less stress!"

Kids Entertainers Academy

Shachar Erez

“Daily Cookie writes all our daily emails. We don’t have time to write them - not as good as these guys. Our list loves getting them. And we love sending them - because they make us money.”

Shachar Erez
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

You made it to the bottom line.
Ready now to get serious about daily emails?

Get Unlimited Daily Copy At A Flat Monthly Rate

For less than many direct response copywriters charge for only one email