4 ways to construct an epic content plan and nail your daily emails

July 7, 2022

You only need one content plan, no matter who writes it.

 It could be a DFY project – done for you, by someone like, say, one of Daily Cookie’s copywriters.

It could be a DIY project – do it yourself. I am here to help with that too.

I guess you and I can both relate to this one truth:
No one likes to receive a bunch of emails that contain little of interest or value.

These emails will remain unopened, causing your open rates to spiral downward. Or worst, your recipients will either mark them as spam or they’ll hit unsubscribe. Yikes!

On the flip side, we actually get excited when we receive an email on a topic that we’re interested in at the moment. Don’t you?

The content plan, therefore, needs to include value capsules.

What do I mean by that? 

I mean creating an overall plan that aims to be relevant to a range of readers. And how? 

By including value-packed emails touching on a variety of diverse topics that will target slightly different subsets of your readers. Talk about killer emails that your list can’t resist but open!

Developing content plans can be a bit tricky, but with an email’s promising potential ROI of 4300%, it’s totally worth it. Plus, you can build a brand with your daily emails. It’s that great.

In this blog, you’ll learn four important points to consider when crafting a content plan, allowing you to crush your daily emails.


But before we dig into that, let’s define what a content plan is. 

A content plan is a set of topics that includes the use of content like audio, visual, or written text to attain your business goals. 

An effective email content plan will attract your ideal audience(s) no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey and get them excited even after they make a purchase. 

It’s going to be your trusted ally in producing high-quality emails which are valuable in building trust and authority with your audience.

Plus, more and more businesses are actively investing in email marketing. So it’s crucial that you develop a good plan to compete with others in your industry.

Here’s how you can construct an email content plan that achieves your goals and retains your audience.

1. Establish who your target audience is

You don’t want to waste your bullets without knowing who you’re aiming at. “Your audience” refers to the people who will consume your email content and potentially buy your product or service, so you need to make them the star of the show. 

What you write and send has to be centered around them. You should be able to consider questions like, “Will this help my audience?” and if the answer is a huge “Yes!” then that specific content deserves a spot in your content plan.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your list what’s relevant to them. One good thing about email is that it’s personal and two-way communication.

If your business has more than one type of customer, don’t forget to come up with something for different segments and personas (more on buyer personas later).

This is when identifying your ideal client avatar comes into play. This will reveal the breakdown of the target audience(s) that you want to serve. Each type of audience can be further categorized according to their jobs, salary, interests, hobby, gender, and so on.

The more specific you get, the easier it becomes to craft content that your audience wants to consume because it resonates with them.

2. Pick relevant topics 

What’s interesting for a retired CEO who owns real estate may not necessarily be relevant to a 20-year-old independent woman who produces TikTok content for a living.

This is why knowing your audience is essential. 

First, identify a need or problem that your target audience may have. For example, if you’re a digital marketing coach, understand what keeps your clients stuck from growing their businesses. It could be because they need more traffic to their website or that they don’t leverage on Facebook, etc.

Once you determine what bothers or pains them (their “pain points”), start brainstorming ideas to solve their needs. Make sure that your email topics address your customers’ problems. Find a possible gap that may be present in the customer’s buying journey and come up with content to close it.

But of course, your email content should not only explain the solution you’re offering. You also need to orient and educate your audience about the problem itself as they begin to address it.

An effective email content strategy helps people on both ends of the spectrum – those who are still trying to figure out their struggles and those who are already using your product/service to address the challenges.

When you are able to position yourself as the problem-solver through your email content, you are building credibility with your target audience.


3. Do in-depth persona research 

As mentioned earlier, if you are able to clearly define your target audience, you’ll be able to develop a successful email content plan. That means it’s important to identify the nitty-gritty breakdown of your target audience, also known as your buyer persona.

Conducting in-depth research allows you to categorize your audience and create content that caters to their different interests and needs. You’ll also be able to come up with a better strategy and send them emails that they want to receive and consume.

Your audience parameters are not necessarily fixed. At some point, you might want to expand your market and reach out to new groups of people. If that’s the case, it’s crucial to conduct regular market research each year as you serve new audiences.

The main advantage of identifying personas is it allows you to use the language that they speak. Imagine you are using big medical terms with an audience who only wants a solution for a stomachache.

It is very important to use terms that are not only relatable but also understandable. Doing so shows that you are listening to them, that you empathize with them, and understand where they’re coming from. When you can do that, the content you create will be more authentic and convert more people into buyers. 

4. Monitor and adjust your content

Once you’ve sent out your first few batches of emails, you need to be able to measure the results. Monitoring the relevant data and adjusting the teeny tiny details of your email strategy can make a big difference in nailing your daily emails.

Start with the subject line – Does making it longer drive people to click? Does your audience get excited about opening your emails when the subject line is funny or direct? Is adding a preview text effective in catching your reader’s attention?

Target audience – Are people opening your emails but not clicking the call-to-action? In this case, there has to be a change in the messaging of the email or maybe the topic discussed simply does not resonate with them.

A part of your content plan is setting the schedule of sending the emails. Time is one important factor to be considered if you want your emails to convert. If you’re sending emails three times a week but on the wrong day and time, your subscribers will most likely not open your emails. 

Overall, creating engaging content is challenging for a good reason – it is the most time-consuming part of your content planning strategy but also the most important one. 

If your content does not compel readers to open emails and keep clicking, the email marketing’s promise of 4200% ROI will go to waste. 

And because you’ve made it this far, here are some bonus tips to help you come up with engaging content for your emails:


a.) Make your reader the hero

Use client-centered wording that leads toward your call-to-action. Also, assume that your readers are busy people who don’t have time to read long emails. So break chunky paragraphs into smaller bite-sized pieces to make the copy easier to read and digest.


b.) Make your content error-free

Proofread your emails a bajillion times until they flow smoothly and are free of any grammatical mistakes. Revise your lines until they reach maximum readability. Use active voice and action words.

If what you’ve learned so far sounds a bit complicated, worry no more. Daily Cookie can help you with that. 

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