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Daily Cookie, a company of Kivi Media, is a global email copywriting services company. We provide businesses of all sizes with unlimited, high-quality daily emails at a fixed and flat rate. Founded in 2020, Israel by Ziv Raviv, Daily Cookie was created to deliver affordable, effective, and efficient email content. That way, business owners can stay focused on their business and not on coming up with writing creative daily email content that sells.

Our Core Values

We Care about the details

Every detail matters when it comes to marketing so we write every email as if it’s written for only one person. Our friends.

We pay attention to the details of getting email marketing content right so you don’t have to. Which also means we will write your daily emails as if we were writing to our very own customers. The smallest details matter. We know from experience what they are. So, with us in your corner, you’re ahead of the game! And ahead of your competitors.

We Are passionate

We are fully committed to being a great partner and to helping you get rid of the hurdle of writing and sending great daily emails. That’s why we may even be fussier than you could ever be about getting the email copy we write for you from scratch just right.

We learn every day

We will never be satisfied with our level of know-how. We strive to keep learning and to get better and better at what we do. Especially at email marketing services for our clients. The team at Daily Cookie continue to study books, courses, and the noted experts in the field of copywriting. And we are always listening to our customers and analyzing data and results.

We care about the world

Writing more emails isn’t the end goal. It’s helping you grow your business. Helping you transform people’s lives and making this world a better place.

We Are Family People

We make sure that you can balance your work with your family life by offloading some of the energy-draining tasks to us rather than doing it after hours yourself. The secret – we’re always striving to be proficient, effective and efficient so the results show up in your business and personal life faster.
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Our Story
Hi, I’m Zivi Raviv. Serial entrepreneur and Founder of Daily Cookie along with three other successful businesses operating in separate niches online. All of which require email marketing.

So, how did I get here? To talking to you about my story and YOUR email marketing?

Simple. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from sending out emails to my lists. I was so frustrated. Because my online businesses are in different niches it meant coming up with three different types of email content. And then I heard from the experts, ‘you gotta send emails daily.’

Coming up with three different email ideas every day soon became an impossible task, even for a positive and productive dude like me.

Plus, at around the same time I discovered my own coaching clients were desperate for a reliable email writing service. That’s when I realized there was a problem to be solved. And an opportunity for my company to help fix it. It was no longer about just scratching my own itch. It quickly turned into a quest to help other business people scratch theirs.

I devised and tested a plan of daily, well-written emails for all of my businesses. And the plan worked! After 90 days of sending daily emails, 5 times a week, people started to buy way more than I had ever seen before. In fact, we celebrated our best month of sales EVER!

Then the crunch of the workload hit me. Pushing to do all the emails for myself proved one thing. The value of time versus the reward for effort. An hour of any CEO or business owner’s time is worth far more than the equivalent value of writing and sending emails.

Even though I was working myself to the bone – I knew I could not stop sending daily emails though. The results were way too good to say “bye-bye” to. What was I to do?

That’s when I had an epiphany. An ‘A-ha!’ moment! I saw the obvious in an instant.

I needed a service like Daily Cookie to help me keep up the momentum of daily emails. Since I searched and couldn’t find anything that resembled a quality reliable service … I decided to create one. And that’s the birthing story of Daily Cookie.

After the initial testing and refining of the system throughout my three businesses, and after achieving repeatable reliable results, I began putting the Daily Cookie system of daily emails to work with my coaching clients. Wow! The result of increased sales was the same. Winner. Now, we all send Daily Cookie emails daily!

So, it is without false humility that I say that I want you to join us and start sending daily emails with Daily Cookie too. So you can experience more sales like we do.

It doesn’t matter how many emails you feel more comfortable sending at first. Maybe it’s one each week, maybe it’s three. Maybe it’s like we do which is 4-6 per week. Either way, you no longer need to feel bothered with the tiresome task of coming up with new and fresh ideas, building a solid content plan that fits your business needs, writing those daily emails, showing them to a proofreader, setting them all up, learning from the stats of open rates and click through rates, and going through strategy sessions to make sure everything is working better and better as time passes.

It’s just too much work. Daily Cookie to the rescue! That’s where we come in. Try us for 30 days with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re anything like me – you’ll love what Daily Cookie does for you and your email marketing.

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Here’s what people are saying about Daily Cookie…

Loren Fogelman

Hi Ziv,  everything's good to go on our end. Your team worked their magic and the page looks great.

Loren Fogelman
Business Success Solution

Carolina Balloons' Client

It was great! Thank you for reaching out each week. It was one of your emails that prompted the lightbulb to go off in my head to ask you guys to help decorate rather than me try to do it all myself. We loved the decor and look forward to hopefully partnering with you guys again soon!!!

Carolina Balloon & Confetti Client

Halley Foye

We just made 57k USD this month - the best month we had in the last 2 years. Thank you Daily Cookie!

Halley Foye
Carolina Balloons

Jeanne & Kirsten

Thank you! We are learning so much from you and we are truly grateful!

Jeanne & Kirsten
Six Figures Business Coaching

Conversion Blueprint

I use Daily Cookie! Love it.

Conversion Blueprint

Rachel S. Lee

low price with very quality copy!

Rachel S. Lee

Jonah Babbins

YESSSSSSSS This is amazing. WOW Perfect email

Jonah Babbins

Chris Badgett

"Love the Design Pickle for copy service idea. Ziv your generous spirit, creative mind, and entrepreneur skills make a wonderful combination to watch!"

Chris Badgett

Zivi Raviv

After 90 days of daily emails, 5 times a week, people started buying way more. We've just had our best month EVER!"

Zivi Raviv
Kivi Media

Rob Fisher

"Daily Cookie has proven to be of exceptional value in marketing my business. The emails they wrote for me are of the highest standard - and they work! I even sent a campaign of their emails to an old list of 2,000 subscribers who I haven't reached out to for over two years. And sales are through the roof."

Rob Fisher
MFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Professor, Author

Kids Entertainers Academy

"We quit writing our own fortnightly emails and starting sending Daily Cookie emails daily - and quickly made 3X MORE sales with less stress!"

Kids Entertainers Academy

Shachar Erez

“Daily Cookie writes all our daily emails. We don’t have time to write them - not as good as these guys. Our list loves getting them. And we love sending them - because they make us money.”

Shachar Erez
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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