Congratulations! By being here, that means you are all set to become a wizard in 7 days. A powerful email wizard that is!

But before you start, allow us to give you a quick guide on what From Zero To Email Wizard In Seven Days is all about.

The course is developed to help reduce the headache of business owners and marketers like you in writing emails for your biz. This program will not only teach you the foundations of writing great emails. It will show you a step-by-step, foolproof process on how to create an email that magically earns your reader’s trust and generates sales for your business.

Are you excited? So are we.

From Zero To Email Wizard In Seven Days has six modules.

Module 0 is the introduction module with some videos to help you get to know the process you are about to go through.

In module 1 we are going to talk about the 7 Pillars of an effective email copy. We will go over the best principles and practices in writing emails that get read and generate money.

In module 2 we are going to talk about The Reunion Party Method. The Reunion Party Method is our own way of explaining how to nurture a relationship.

The module 3 of this course is the After Party wherein you will learn how to create spell-binding emails that get clicked and read.

In module 4 we are going to talk about the most important principle in email marketing which is the KLTRP.

And then in module 5 we will talk about overcoming monsters in your journey of becoming an email wizard.
We’ll talk about the technical parts of deliverablity. I know, these are scary parts of being an email wizard but it’s important so your emails will go to your subscriber’s inbox.

And oh I forgot to tell you that there’s a hidden bonus on how you can create a sales page that converts really well.

The course is actionable with exercises and downloadable summary sheets.

You’re going to love the course

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Ziv Raviv Ziv Raviv Author

Wizard course

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Email Wizard Foundations

The Reunion Party Method

The After Party 

Getting Miracle Results With Email Wizardry

Overcoming The Monsters in your Journey

BONUS: Sales Page Masterclass

BONUS: Daily Cookie Ebook