exclusive collection of  Subject lines, preview lines and attention grabbers

Generate results from your emails with Daily Cookie’s Subject Lines Ebook and Resource. This resource can add extra “oomph” to your email, making your prospective clients click on it and read it all the way down — and yes, helping you start closing more opportunities for your online business.

Where should I deliver your Subject Lines Ebook?

What’s Inside the Ebook and Resource?

  • P An in-depth guide to know how to grab your reader’s attention in the first 8 seconds or less
  • PA learning experience about content perspective, subject types and how to use them in creating a content plan
  • PA filter tool that you can use to easily find the perfect subject line depending on your content perspective
  • PDaily Cookie’s best-kept secret and the practical Reunion Party Method that ensures that people are attracted to everything you say
  • P A no-hassle brainstorming tool with hundreds of proven subject lines, preview lines and ideas for attention grabbers inside
How should you use it?

Learn how to create a punchy headline with your email copy using this Ebook. With this resource, you’ll have a list of subject lines based on content perspective and subject lines category.

PLUS! You’ll get additional preview lines and ideas for attention grabbers.

Your Subject lines should…

Capture your audience’s attention by making subject lines short and punchy. Add a ‘hook’ to get them reading more of the email copy.

Spark your audience’s interest with the first words of your subject lines. Pique their curiosity by adding mystery

Write subject lines which are personal. Structure them as if you were talking to a friend.

Make sure that your subject lines show a hint of the benefit to your prospects. Communicate what they are going to get. Don’t make false promises.

Use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to get your email subscribers’ attention once in a while. Do not use this too often.

Understand the importance of subject lines, preview lines and attention grabbers in writing emails. No matter how great your content is, if your prospects don’t open it, it’s worthless.

Who is this for?

This resource is perfect for business owners who are struggling with email open rates.

With the help of this ebook, you can now have irresistible subject lines. This guide will help you come up with ideas that will get your target audience to open the email and read the entire email copy.

  • PCoaches
  • PCourse Creators
  • PPodcaster
  • PTribe Leaders
  • PBusiness Owners
  • PFacebook Admin
  • PAnyone with an email List
  • PAnyone that sells products
  • PAnyone that sells Services
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