From email content plan to social media heaven

May 11, 2022

Every content creator has two fears.

The first is when they have a tight deadline and they’re staring at a blank page for hours, not knowing what to write. It’s called writer’s block.

The second one is what we call content dead-end.

Writing the last email in your content plan will feel good for a moment, until you realize that you’ve already used up all your ideas, and now it’s time to think of new ones. 

And no matter how long you’ve sat in front of your desk or how frustrated you’ve become with the blank document in front of you… 

…the well for fresh and captivating ideas has run completely dry. 

We’ve all been there. 

Thinking up good content ideas is a long process, and running out of things to write about is what scares people off from creating content in the first place. (We talk more about the stressors affecting copywriting and share some tips in coming up with email ideas in this podcast.)

You don’t need to make it hard for yourself. 

The answer that you’re looking for is already sitting in your file folder. 

In the spirit of keeping things super-simple, I have a proposition for you. 

I want you to consider creating less and promoting more. 

I mean that if you already have one content plan, use it. And yes, you only need one.

A good content plan has all the details you need to know about the emails you’ll be sending over the next few weeks – the purpose, the formula, the call to action, and the one big idea. 

Creating one is liberating AF.

When you have all the content ideas laid out in front of you, you can immediately tell if your strategy is effective and engaging enough for your readers to keep on clicking. 

It’s the content creator’s best tool for less stress and less hassle.

And once you have a plan, you can make it work even more to your advantage – and make it last for months – by using the same well-researched topics for other purposes. 

The hack of repurposing

It’s the act of taking one idea and repackaging it. 

Then distributing it on multiple social media platforms. 

So from one single idea, you can create multiple contents that will not just save your time, effort, and brain power.

It will strengthen your brand and reach more audiences, without a ton of extra work. 

It’s almost like taking your grandma’s old sweater and using it to create an awesome new scarf.

It’s a deal clincher.  

But the truth is – you won’t use the content as is on all platforms.

That is not what content repurposing is all about.

So don’t heave a sigh of relief yet. 

It won’t be as easy as copy-and-paste. 

Here is the big question:

How do you repurpose content the right way?

  • Keep it fresh

When you repurpose content, there’s a huge possibility that the same audience will look at your different social media pages and see the same idea. 

But the last thing you want is for anyone to get bored with your content. 

Proper content repurposing means doing some relevant and mandatory tweaks to make it look fresh in the audience’s eyes.

The simplest way to do it is to make small changes in your word choice, whether it’s to make it more punchy or to expand on your ideas.

Or you can also go for changing the way you engage your audience. For example, you can change your introduction style by telling a story instead of asking a question. 

  • Respect the platform

The biggest idea in repurposing is using the same content idea on different social media sites. 

But before that, you will need to learn to respect the platform.

You’ve probably noticed that content in different social media platforms has different styles. 

For example, people usually go on Facebook and Instagram to relax, so you can be more casual. You want to engage your audience, so you ask more questions. 

Meanwhile, it’s mostly professionals who hang out on LinkedIn, so you have to look more professional on LinkedIn. It’s probably wise to remove those emojis. 

Blog posts will be longer and more wordy, so make sure to put a few catchy headlines or insert relevant images to keep it engaging for your reader. 

The bottom line is to study what works best on every platform, change the format according to what suits it best, and get better results.

  • Think outside the box

When you have used an idea multiple times, you can still grab the reader’s attention by being creative. 

I mean use all the tools that you have and don’t just rely on words. 

For example, if you have a 2000-word long case study from your blog, consider creating a quick 2-min video that you can share in your Facebook feed.

Or if you have a report that offers 10 reasons to choose your product, consider creating an infographic from it and post the infographic on instagram.

You can even convert the tips from your blog posts into fun, quirky GIFs.

Basically, you need to think in terms of content formats like GIFs, images, videos, audios and more that can be easily shared and engaged with in multiple social media platforms.

So there you have it: a time-saving way of creating content, without the grueling process of finding new ideas.

All the ideas that you will need for months are already at your fingertips, all you need to do is get creative and get writing.

When we create a content plan, Daily Cookie style, we do in-depth research to create an effective, relevant, and diversified email content plan that fits your specific sales needs. 

And that content plan we produce is ready for content repurposing.

But hey, if you prefer doing this yourself – that’s cool too.

We have prepared 141 email ideas that you can use as a guide in drafting your email content plan.

What are some of your tips for making a piece of content suitable for a specific platform?

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