Get faster results for your business with an OFS

November 8, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect balance between business and family life?

It is one thing all business owners want – that sweet family time with the kids on vacation, a get-together with old buddies, and time to just rest and relax.

Maybe as you read this, you might be thinking of where you wish you could take your family this Christmas.

But before you choose to close this page…what if I told you that this is achievable?

And…what if you could delegate your daily mundane tasks to someone else?

Now you’re curious, right? This can be within your grasp if you have an OFS. Yup, you are just one Virtual Assistant away from finally having that perfect work-life balance.

What Is OFS?

You can’t make a business work all by yourself. Which means at the end of the day, you will need help.

That’s where OFSs come in.

OFS means Online Filipino Specialists. These are Filipino VAs that are cut above the rest. I know you have heard about virtual assistants, but the thing is, Filipino VAs are just built differently.

They are not just virtual assistants. They are specialists.

This blog post will give you reasons to hire an Online Filipino Specialist sooner rather than later.

The Benefits of Hiring an Online Filipino Specialist

We all know the general benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

But when we talk about Online Filipino Specialists, things really change.

So here are the six benefits of having an Online Filipino Specialist.

Their work ethic is unrivaled

Speaking from experience, Filipinos have the best work ethic out there. Filipinos are hard workers, not to mention how fast and efficient they are when doing tasks. Their output is just spectacular. So if you are still struggling to find the perfect guy for the job, then you are missing out if you don’t hire one.


Loyal almost to a fault

Finding people who are loyal to the company is hard. The search for these types of people is like climbing Mt. Everest. You wonder if it is even possible. The thing about Filipinos is that their devotion to their job will be the top priority. The moment you accept them, they will feel like family, not to mention the respect they give you.


Will not steal your business

Assistants stealing business domains is unfortunately pretty standard, and you can easily do a search on this fiasco to verify that fact. But the thing about OFSs is that they don’t want to get your business. All they want is to grow with you. It’s like having a best friend for your business and knowing they won’t cheat on you, but instead have a healthy relationship with the company. It’s just a place to flourish for your Filipino VA.


Great English language skills

Most non-English-speaking countries have a difficult time understanding the English language. But the thing is, besides the 120 languages they speak in the Philippines, English is one of their primary languages. They all study it in school. So communication will never be a problem for these people.


They aim to impress you

Quiet quitting is a thing in the news these days, and this can put you in quite a predicament. But from the experiences of business people with Filipino VAs, they can say that they have never had a moment of quiet quitting, nor did this topic even enter their minds. Maybe they are just robots programmed to be pleasant to work with and that’s just part of the package. But kidding aside, these people are naturally impressive, and that’s when they aren’t even trying.


They trust you more than you trust them

Do you want someone you can trust? Well, the thing is, they are searching for someone they can trust even more! So trust won’t be a problem with them.

To summarize these are the most remarkable traits of Online Filipino Specialists

That said, hiring online can get a little tricky.

So to help you brace for the challenges…

Here are five cons/misconceptions you need to be aware of when it comes to hiring online

You may not strike gold the first time you hire someone

It is possible to hire the best you could ever get the first time, but sometimes, even with the right processes, you might hire the wrong person. This applies not only to hiring VAs but also to live hiring as well. So always keep in mind that hiring someone may require more than one effort, especially when it is done virtually.


It may be challenging to find someone who will stay

There are many excellent VAs out there, but finding someone who will stay and grow with you and your company is quite hard. Because the thing is, when you hire someone, especially for part-time, they will think about getting better jobs that offer full-time hours, as most VAs have a goal to have a stable job. And having a 4-hour-per-day job doesn’t feel stable for them. So try to discuss this with them if they are willing to work 8 hours a day.


VA companies are a scam!

When you hire someone from a VA company, you are getting ripped off. Most companies are giving these VAs a small percentage of what you are paying them. Not only will you have a hard time finding the specific talent and skill that you want, but it will also be quite expensive. So you might want to hire directly on websites like onlinejobs.ph.


Starting a virtual business is like having your first child

The thing about doing business virtually is that, like with most new businesses, you will have to work almost all the time at first. It needs so much attention in its earliest days. So if you cannot imagine working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, then you might want to reconsider your choice.


Failure will always be lurking in the background

We all want success. But the thing is, everything comes in pairs. Black comes with white, good with evil, and yin with yang. So in addition to the positive success you envision, you will always have some failure in the mix. But if you look positively at things, you will realize that the negative parts of the business might also be beneficial, as they help you learn how not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Now that you have an idea about the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant, this question might come to your mind👇👇👇

Where do I find an Online Filipino Specialist?

You can find VAs in VA companies, but if you want to do it on your own, you can post jobs on sites like Upwork, Job press, and such. If you want to hire an Online Filipino specialist, then Onlinejobs.ph is the best place for you.

This is a Filipino-only community of virtual assistants where anyone from around the world can put in job posts. Not only that, Onlinejobs.ph ensures all candidates on the platform are legitimate. They have a secure process for applicant evaluation and verification.

Now that you know the important facts about hiring OFSs, you’ve got another problem: you are hiring from scratch and don’t have a process!

Well, you’re in luck because we will give you a peek at how we do it the KIVI Media way.

Hiring OFS the KIVI Media way

You might think it is as complicated as managing your business, but actually, you just need a good structure.

The first thing you need to do is to create a post. Make it personal. Something that will be welcoming and conversational. Something that feels like you are just having a conversation over coffee at a cafe.

If you want to be more organized but still be very welcoming in the forms you will be sending, don’t use Google Forms. Instead, try creating a Typeform. This is easier from the applicant’s point of view. Not only that, it also feels professional.

After a good number of candidates have accumulated, you or your team – if you already have one – can start the tedious process of reading through the applications. Keep in mind that you have to list the qualities that you want in your OFS.

One tip I can give you is that you don’t have to look for the most experienced ones. Anyone willing and passionate enough to work hard is good enough to be trained. The thing is that newbies, once trained, especially those who love the job, will really impress you.

After you filter out the candidates, this is the phase where you can have the…

Interview session.

The KIVI Media way consists of 3 levels.

The first level is the preliminary interview

This is where you get to meet them and ask basic interview questions. In this phase, we are assessing what they are capable of and what their experience is. After this interview, you can give a performance test – just a simple one. This is where you get to see their output. They don’t have to be perfect. You just have to know if they are promising enough or if you can improve their work.


The next level is where you get into a more personal level

This is where you discuss the things they will be assigned to. Open-ended questions are welcome here. This is the phase where you filter out the best from the rest. You can even give another set of tests. This time it will be more complicated, something close to what they will be doing on the job.


The last interview is between you and the candidate

This is where you meet them and see if you resonate with them. Suppose you feel comfortable with their personality. Then you have found the right one.

If you’re interested in getting that perfect VA, then I have the thing for you.

Introducing: One VA Away

This is a specific training program that will help you jumpstart your career by finding the perfect Online Filipino Specialist for your needs

No more guessing games that sometimes leave you distracted and confused instead of getting the desired results. In this program, you will learn the 7 steps to getting your dream team.

You might be asking about what benefits you’ll get in the training program. They are:

Quick and efficient training

Most training programs are time-consuming, and with your business on the line, we don’t want that to happen. We want things to run smoothly and efficiently.


Surefire success on the way

This training has been proven successful by the owners of many businesses, big and small. Newbie or pro. They all have the same result, and that is the peace of mind that you get knowing you have a team that’s not only efficient but also reliable.


The track record

This process has been honed for almost 15 years and has proven to work flawlessly in getting you that fantastic virtual assistant.


The confidence to pull that outsourcing trigger

The chance to have that dream life you have always wanted. The one where you get to bond with your family or have time to enjoy life with minimum effort while your company growth is at max potential.

If you want to achieve all of this, then it’s time to decide.

Join the training program now for only $49.

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