How 2 extra hours a day changed my life dramatically (How yours can change, too)

June 22, 2022

Imagine what you could do with two extra hours each day. 

Just think about it for a second.

A new business to open, publish a best-selling book, a time when you can take a luxurious vacation with your family…

If you’re thinking about this, then I’m sure you feel like you have to have it, somehow..

But you’re wondering, “Is it possible?”

Yes, it is. And if you continue reading, you’ll discover five more benefits I’m reaping right now because of having two extra hours each day.

Wouldn’t that be great?

A week from now, you could be the proud author of the sales page you wrote. It’s great copy and it’s finally ready.

A year from now, you might be sending the first draft of your book to the editor. It’s done. And you know it has the potential to be a bestseller. 

Two years from now you could decide to take a vacation. After all, you have 30 extra days every year. Why not take a break with your family and finally take one of those CEO-style 4-week vacations?

You see, a small change like saving two hours of work every day can make a huge change in your life.

That sales page, that book, that 4-week vacation – all  three of these can be possible.

It all starts with you saving two hours every single day.

That is happening to me right now. I get so much done in one day that it feels like I have 26 hours.

Having this almost-perfect scenario helps me do more than what I used to be able to do for my family and my loved ones.

I have become much more productive, to the point that I have even been able to open more businesses – easily. 

My coaching clients often ask me – “Why are you so damn productive?”

Simple. I plan, and I look for opportunities to get more done by the end of the day.

I also delegate tasks to a group of constructive individuals who adapt and know how to do things right.

I have trained and molded them, helping them become more productive like me.

With their help, I manage to control my schedule. It feels like I’m adding two hours to each day! And those hours bring me these five benefits that I currently enjoy while running my businesses:


1. Living with less stress

It’s always been a business owner’s dream to have a day where you don’t have to deal with stress. And adding two hours a day makes that dream come true. You can schedule tiny bits of time in your day that you can leave for issues that arise in your business. Though it’s hard to avoid having problems come up, you can think of what to do about them, lessening the baggage of stress you carry every day.


For instance, if you think that a project might take  longer to finish than you initially thought, you can schedule more time to deal with it. Even if you work on it longer, you can still have the confidence to finish everything else. By having an extra two hours to use and plan out tasks, you will remain calm and  at ease in handling problems.

2. Improving the quality of work

Getting two extra hours a day has helped me and my businesses improve the quality of the work we do. With the extra time I have, I can  level up the results coming from my employees by giving them advice about each task. 


This doesn’t only improve the  quality of our results; it also enhances the ability of my employees to grow professionally over time as they  work with me.  The extra time I have to help them with the tasks at hand avoids the mistakes that lead to work having to be redone.

3. Increased productivity

One result of improved quality of work is an increase of productivity. Extra time means extra effort on things that are urgent! Acquiring two more hours a day means a lot of time to deal with urgent tasks, which leads to finishing them quickly and effectively.  Sometimes I notice that when my team completes a task, it  requires less time than it used to, and deadlines become no problem at all!

4. A better reputation

Having two hours added to my day helps me keep up with business and keep to a schedule. I value my time and that of other people around me. Most of the clients and customers I have worked with know that they can completely rely on my service, especially when they have to meet with me, because I always stick to the schedule and hold them in high regard. If you do the same, the rewards can be sweet. You can become well-known as a business owner who doesn’t put off tasks and procrastinate, leading to failures –  because you have extra time to accomplish them efficiently. A positive reputation can lead to business advancement, increased earning capabilities, and better client satisfaction.

5. Reaching goals faster

The best thing about having two more hours? It’s reaching the finish line earlier, leaving you more room to work on backlogs until you perfect your goals.. A large part of having extra time in your day is setting goals for yourself and then reaching them in the shortest possible time. Maybe it’s about writing a new book after the success of the recent book you wrote… Or opening another business that can earn you more than your current business…who knows? The sky’s the limit.

You see, when you develop a systematic process to make the most of your 24 hours,  adding an extra two hours to your day can help you unlock every goal in your life.

We all want to do more in life. We could all use an extra hour or two every day, right?

That’s why I love what we do at Daily Cookie.

The individuals that I have in DC, they’re awesome.

They change people’s lives.

They can literally add two  hours to your 24-hour day by writing all your daily emails, so you don’t have to.

They keep your connection to your audience, while you keep your focus on your business.

Speaking of daily emails, we have a podcast whichcould really change your life (as well as add two  hours to your daily schedule!). Listen to the podcast here.

Now tell me, what would you choose to do first if you had two extra hours a day?


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