Introducing: The New Strategy for Marketing – Reunion Party Method

November 15, 2022

Is email marketing still in?


Have you ever felt the need for a change?

Over the past few years, digital evolution has impacted our lives. The global pandemic accelerated the shift to online operations for many businesses.

Everything can be acquired with a single click, and people depend more on the internet in their daily activities.

No wonder businesses now rely on digital marketing.

As consumers flocked to the digital world, businesses worldwide took the opportunity to meet them on this platform. And as these changes were happening, digital marketing trends evolved too.

Search engines, social media, applications, and websites are some of the emerging ways to effectively reach out to your audience.

But there is one thing that remains effective – email marketing.

Email marketing works if you do it right.

Here are the three reasons why email marketing never gets old:

  • Trackable performance
  • Ability to nurture relationships
  • Ability to speak directly to your customers.

Now, do you want a proven way to take advantage of this marketing strategy?

 Why email marketing isn’t working (for you)


Are you using email marketing in your business but not seeing results?
Are your open rates and deliverability rates still low?

Maybe you are wondering if it’s because of your content, email scheduling, or the number of emails sent in a week.

I understand.

If this is your problem, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategies.

Effective email marketing is more than just sending a single email.

It’s a continuous process of thinking about what to write, coming up with an email sequence, and being consistent in providing value to your audience.

The secret to making email marketing work


So now you have the ideas for your email content. You have sent your emails to your prospects. The email list has grown. Open rates are better. But later on, you realize there is no response to your CTA. Still, no conversions.

Maybe you’ve got another problem with email engagement.

Email engagement means how your contact takes action (whether good or bad.)

When your readers click a link or reply to your email, there is a higher chance that your next email will not be placed in the spam folder.

You’ve realized that there is no engagement with your clients. They are not responding or taking action, which means no sales.

Maybe you’re unsure how to nurture relationships with the people on your list.

That’s too bad.

But what if you can do something about this?

Let me share a new way to make emails your game-changer.

So let’s get to it.

The Reunion Party Method

What you need to know about Reunion Party Method


People are social butterflies. Meeting new people excites them. No wonder they love celebrations, get-togethers, and parties! That feeling of meeting new people and feeling part of a group makes them more interested.

But of all the different types of parties, why choose a reunion party?

Imagine being at a reunion party. At this party, all those present are people you know – family, friends, and old acquaintances. It’s a place where people share stories, connect, and have a chance to provide and get help. It’s also a time for you to share what you are up to.

Think of a reunion party applied to your business.

Your prospects will be those whom you know and who are part of your circle.
Your marketing strategies are your ways to connect, engage and update them.

This is the Reunion Party Method. It is a rule that can work wonders in your business.

If you want to learn more about it, keep reading.

The five principles of the Reunion Party Method


  • Showing up in Style (Timing) – This refers to how soon and how frequently you will show up to your prospects through your emails. This is crucial. How often you show up might either please or turn off your clients. 
  • How to mingle at the Party (Engagement) – there is no standard format for joining a conversation with the people at the party. Each person will have different interests. But how can you relate to them? How can you be the type of person that everyone can relate to and would love to talk to?
  • Getting good Party Vibes (Performance) – What is it that truly matters in emails? Open rates? Deliverability rates? It’s click-through rates and sales. To what extent can you make money or get deals done? Let the data speak for you. 
  • Standing out from the Crowd  (Value) – Just like at parties, you want to stand out from the rest. But how to do it? You have to be physically appealing and mentally stimulating. In email marketing, your emails must be the same.
  • Keeping in touch (Follow-up) – This final step is as vital as the previous one. Remember that sometimes people just need a little more time to decide. Some need more effort and constant updates from you before they will come up with a response to your offer.

Bad email marketer vs good email marketer


Besides evaluating your email marketing strategies, have you tried looking at yourself as an email marketer?

You might be the missing piece to make email marketing work for your business. 

Here are the five things that a bad email marketer does.  

A bad email marketer writes only rarely.

If you are not confident enough to start a conversation with your people, then you might be doing something wrong. Are you having difficulty connecting with them, so you end up not sharing ideas? This is a bad marketer. 

A bad email marketer is passive.

If you are like a person who went to a party and didn’t have a clear end goal, you might end up talking to anyone around you about anything that pops into your mind. If you do the same with your emails, then you are a bad email marketer. 

A bad email marketer only sells.

People feel uneasy when somebody is offering a sale. Imagine that you are at a party and you meet someone who just talks about promos, sales, and the like. Would you spend your time with this person? Probably not. Apply this to your email. If you only talk about sales, you might end up in the spam folder.

A bad email avoids research.

Holding a meaningful conversation at a party is possible if you know enough about the person you are talking to. Talking about your common interests is helpful. You can only do this if you do your research. A bad email marketer doesn’t do research when writing emails.

A bad email marketer talks salesy. 

If you want the people at a party to be engaged with you and in what you do, try to be genuine. Speak about their interests and ignite their desires. If you are an email marketer whose emails sound like you only care about your sales and are not providing value to your recipients, you are a bad email marketer. 

Of course, you don’t want to be a bad email marketer. 

what makes a good email marketer

Here are the five things to remember

A good email marketer makes every email count by preparing carefully.
If you are at a reunion party, you will be perfectly dressed. Your accessories, bag, shoes, and attire – everything perfectly blends. Take this into your emails: make your subject line, preview line, attention grabber, and email copy all one. If you want to put that extra touch using emojis, pictures or GIFs, remember to make them fit your theme. 

A good email marketer strives for results.

Attending a reunion party for a reason is like sending an email that aims for a specific outcome.

Each email should be designed with a result in mind. This means you have to do what it takes to get the desired results.  

A good email marketer knows when to push sales. 

When to pitch a sale? A good email marketer knows how to listen to clients and is willing to help. 

A good email marketer talks about other people.

If you had a conversation with an old friend, you would not want to talk just about each other. It pays to be updated about your common friends too. Just like in email marketing, talk to them about your common interests. Make them feel that you have a similar point of view. It will be easier for you to connect then. 

A good email marketer strives to be engaging.

A party should be fun. No one wants to get bored. A good email marketer knows how to provide information and entertain people through emails. A good email marketer has a variety of ideas to share and stories to tell. 

What you need to prepare before the Reunion Party

You are invited to a party.


It’s a reunion party so you will be seeing your old acquaintances.
Of course, you want to be noticed and stand out.
Maybe you want to prove that you are still as amazing as before or show that you’ve done great things in your life.

And of course, you want to do business.

To do this, consider preparation as a big part of making it possible.

 Pre-game checklist 

  • Research

Master your business, learn from your niche – how it works, who the influencers are, and what your prospects are looking for. Good research on these three aspects will help you start a connection with them. 

  • Make a plan

Based on what you’ve learned, it’s time to develop a master plan. In email marketing, this is your content plan. This will serve as your compass to your goal. It can also be used to monitor the key results of your business goals. 

  • Get in touch

As a guest, you would love to be updated on other attendees too. Maybe you want to ask if they will attend as well or what they are up to.  There are many ways to connect with them – calls, social media, and emails. 

How to ace the Reunion Party

Game Time checklist

Now that you have prepared what you’ll need. It’s time to turn these ideas into action.

  • Connect

Steal their attention with a great first impression. Imagine walking at a party, and everybody turns their eyes on you. How will you do that in business? Make every inch of you attention-grabbing? 

In email marketing, be sure to make your emails appealing. And one way to do that is to have a magnetic subject line. Get Daily Cookie’s exclusive collection of subject lines, preview lines, and attention grabbers here

  • What’s in it for them?

Now they are looking at you. You can start the conversation you have prepared for. Will that be enough? Of course not! You have to surprise them with what else you can offer. Give them topics or content which are relevant and interesting to them.


Let your genuine support be felt so that it will be easier for you to make an offer. This part of the reunion party method is important in pitching sales. 


After the Reunion Party

Post-game Checklist

Keep everyone in the loop
It’s nice to be prepared and engaging, but a reunion party method continues even after it’s finished.

Imagine attending a reunion party that was a blast! Would you not want to remember the moments that you had? If you enjoyed a fun conversation, maybe it feels good to continue it.

How? Social media, emails, or text messages!

Keeping your email list updated about you makes them feel important.
Here are two ways to get them more interested in you and your business

  1. Make them part of your social media. (Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram)

Include your social media accounts in your email. Create emails inviting them to like your pages, follow your social media accounts (provide them the link), and ask them to join your community on Facebook for more freebies. 

Pro tip: never fail to surprise them by providing more!

  1. Send them more valuable emails

If they are already on your email list, make sure you continue sending them valuable emails. Learn more about how sending daily emails can grow your life and relationships in this podcast

How the RPM fueled email marketing in businesses

Why the Reunion Party is the next method to try

Maybe it’s your first time hearing about the Reunion Party Method (because it is originally from Daily Cookie. co)

Doubting it is normal.

FYI It has changed other people’s businesses, including ours.

We’ve got some stories to prove it.

We just made 57k USD this month – the best month we had in the last 2 years. Thank you, Daily Cookie!” – Halley Foye, Carolina Balloons

Daily Cookie writes all our daily emails. We don’t have to write them – not as good as these guys. Our list loves getting them. And we love sending them – because they make us money.” – Shachar Erez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

We quit writing our fortnightly emails and started sending Daily Cookie emails – and quickly made 3x MORE sales with less stress.” – Kids Entertainer Academy

Daily Cookie has proven to be of exceptional value in marketing my business. The emails they wrote for me are of the highest standard, and they work! I even sent a campaign of their emails to an old list of 2000 subscribers who I haven’t reached out to for over two years. And sales are through the roof.” – Rob Fisher, MFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Professor, Author

Now that you have understood what it is and how it works, it’s time to see the PROVEN results of this method.

Nowadays, social media marketing is one of the emerging trends that business owners try to exploit. 

Maybe you are wondering if you can use The Reunion Party Method in social media marketing.


Billions of people are now active social media users. 

No wonder more and more social media marketing strategies are used to increase brand awareness, nurture relationships, and make sales.

But how to stand out on different social media platforms?


The Reunion Party Method can help you reach your audience and nurture relationships

Here’s how

Before the reunion party

1. Start by learning about your audience from your social media accounts

  • Who are those potential clients?
  • What kind of help can they get from you?
  • Which social media are they using?
  • What is your specific niche?
  • What are the latest trends in your niche?
  • Who are your competitors and what are their best practices you can use to develop your own?


2. Make a social media marketing plan/content plan for emails

  • Use your research to come up with a social media marketing plan/social media calendar


Daily Cookie’s Social Media Calendar includes the following:

  • Type of post 
  • Schedule
  • Goal
  • Type of content to post.

Get your free content plan template here.


During the reunion party

With social media, you can post as much as you want, so you have unlimited chances to connect with your audience. 

Now that you have your social media calendar, the next thing to worry about is how to make these posts attention-grabbing. 

A good thing about social media posts is that you can use photos and videos that can make your audience stop scrolling before reading them. But this requires more effort than email marketing, where your goal is to make them read it first before you grab their attention.

More than capturing their attention, make sure that these posts will not just inform your audience but will also encourage them to engage or do something. 

Your post should influence your audience to ask questions, share ideas, or comment.

Here are some content ideas for social media engagement

Facebook Live, Watch Party, or Instagram Live

We have all been fans of television shows before. But with the digital age, we can now have our own program with our socials and people will still want to be part of it. 

Providing a taste of what you know and do to your audience can increase participation. 

Polls, social media contests, or giveaways

Social media has the power to increase brand awareness because your audience can easily share your content if they want to. You can reach others with the same interests as your audience through this. 

Also, if you want your social media audience to be part of your list, it is easier to collect their email addresses this way.   

Facebook ads

If you have money to spend, try boosting your ads and target an audience based on a specific location, age, and/or interest. 

These interactions will help engage your clients with you and your business. 

After the reunion party

Once you have the connection and engagement in your socials, make it consistent.

The next thing that you can do is make an offer. 

How to do it?

Add links on your social media account to a specific landing page or form to get their emails. Then once you have them on your email list, you can promote your services through your newsletters.

These two things might be different in some aspects but when used together, they can provide more results. 

Comparison between the RPM in SM and EM

Generally, social media marketing is best when you want to reach a new audience, while email marketing converts those interested people from your social media into paying customers. 

Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing using the Five Principles of Reunion Party Method


  • Showing Up in Style (Timing)How frequently do you show up with your clients?

The good thing about social media is you can post as much as you want without irritating your prospects. You can do it 1- 3 times a day. Moreover, with different tools, you can synchronize all of your social media posts in one schedule. Unlike email marketing, where you can only send an email a day. 

  • How to Mingle at the Party (Engagement)How to engage with everyone?

Since social media captures a general audience, your audience scope is wider. Your content ideas are bigger too. You have a lot of options to make your posts engaging. However, this does not guarantee that all of your audience can relate to you. With email marketing, your audience is targeted, so the best way to engage your clients is to provide emails worthy of being opened and read. 

  • Getting good Party Vibes (Performance) How to measure results?

In email marketing, what matters are the click-through rates and conversions. 

With social media marketing, it is:

  • Feedback
  • Audience Reach
  • Likes and shares
  • Mentions

Some tools to measure these are Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, and Twitter Analytics. 

  • Standing Out from the Crowd  (Value) –  Both in social media and email marketing, there’s strong competition for the audience’s attention. But one thing that makes you different from your competitors is how you bring value to your prospects. Social media marketing requires more effort than email marketing.


  • Keeping in Touch (Follow-up) – Which is better to use for maintaining connections?

Unlike email, social media offers more ways to keep in touch. But email marketing is more personal because it arrives directly in your clients’ inboxes. 

How to use both social media marketing and email marketing?

  1. Get your social media followers to sign up for your email list- providing exclusive offers
  2. Promote your social media accounts in your emails


How to start implementing RPM

You have learned The Reunion Party Method and what it can do with social media and email marketing.

How to start applying it in your next marketing strategy?

Get your content plan template.

What if you need an RPM expert?

Need someone who can turn this method into more $$$?

Why not try Daily Cookie for a month at a flat rate?

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