SEO based micro-niche that help you swim with leads with Matt Giovanisci (MNM Season 1 Episode 1)

June 24, 2021

SEO Based Micro-Niche That Help You Swim With Leads

Episode 1, Season 1 – With Matt Giovanisci

Welcome to the very first season and episode of The Micro Niche Mastery Podcast.  

Our first guest is Matt Giovanisci, a serial entrepreneur with a ton of knowledge on SEO and… swimming pools. He founded Swim University, co-founded a personal finance brand and podcast called Listen Money Matters, and started a coffee education site called Roasty (which he has since sold). In 2016 he created Money Lab so he could build more brands, make more money, and write off his homebrewing hobby.

  • Matt’s first micro niche was helping swimming pool owners
  • Matt had a desire to be his own boss and it fueled his journey for years
  • Matt knew about website design and he knew he could do something with it
  • Matt started with Adsense and affiliate marketing
  • In 2011 he started seeing $40k a year income on his website when he got laid off
  • Matt talked about how he learned how google works and responses to your content
  • Matt and Ziv talked about the backlink game
  • For two years, Matt had a writer who write a total of 140 articles
  • If Matt will choose another micro-niche it will start with a digital product of some sort
  • This very first episode is full of value, make sure you listen

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Open Transcript
Ziv  (00:00):

Hello, and today’s guest is Matt [inaudible]. He is a serial entrepreneur, an online business owner, all the way for money lab.co. And hello, Matt, how are you? Oh, man, I really appreciate you coming into this show. I’ve seen you build a smart, elaborate, you know, other more specific businesses. And I wanted to have you here to kind of talk about what would you see as a micro niche and like tips to operating it. So let’s start in the beginning. What was your first micro-niche you went into,

Matt (00:38):

It was swimming pools you know, mainly like pool and hot tub care. And that was because I had just been doing that for a living, you know, I was just working at a store. So it wasn’t like I went out and tried to find, you know, an, a need that that was micro or that was like, oh, I’m going to dominate in this niche because no one else is in it. I just was, I was already in it. It was just what I did. I’ve been in several other ones since then, but it’s, but that was the first, that was the first

Ziv  (01:07):

One. So it was more like a passion for content marketing as a way to grow, like to, to succeed in your current. Nischal what

Matt (01:18):

I wouldn’t call it a passion so much as like, I, I had a desire to be my own boss. That was the first kind of like, I’ve always been entrepreneurial in that sense where I would just start up little businesses here and there, you know, just as a kid or whatever. And there was a, there was a point in my career where I was working at this pool store for a long time. And, you know, I’ve been in the pool industry since I was 13. So I’ve just been doing it for so long. And I got to this point where this, this guy wanted to buy a store and then stick me in there as like the, the, the person who runs the store. I ended up not going through with that, but it was like, I’ve, I knew that at some point in doing what I was doing, I want it to just be in control. I want it to be my own boss, because I just didn’t like working for other people. Like, I’ve just always just had some sort of like issue with authority or whatever. So

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