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The Daily Cookie plans for unlimited daily emails include a professional copywriting supervisor, professional copywriter, unlimited requests for revisions/edits, and emails delivered promptly to your dashboard and inbox.

WARNING: You could pay a professional copywriter up to $1000 USD per email when the project required multiple emails per campaign or marketing funnel.

Take a deep breath and recover. Because with Daily Cookie you’ll pay only a fraction of that AND get unlimited emails you can send daily. Check it out below…



  • PGreat for solo entrepreneurs & small businesses
  • PCopywriting Supervisor
  • PDesignated professional copywriter
  • PUnlimited edit/revisions requests
  • P Text file delivered to dashboard
  • PRapid response turnaround
Plan Fee: US$ 795/mo



  • PSave $850 on with our Year Plan
  • PGreat for business in a growth or expansion phase
  • PIncludes Copywriting Supervisor
  • PIncludes designated professional copywriter
  • P Includes Unlimited edit/ revisions requests each month
  • PIncludes Google Docs d elivered straight into your dashboard
  • PIncludes our rapid response turnaround times on new briefs
  • PBONUS INCLUDED: Copywriting Superpower course (real value $2000)
Plan Fee: US$ 7950/y

Edit & Rewrite Requests

Request edits or rewrites if you’re not happy with the emails we deliver. Up to two requests each month.

A Copywriting Supervisor

Submit your project request into the dashboard and our Copywriting Supervisor will review your request and assign it to the best and most suited copywriter on the team.

A Dedicated Professional Direct Response Copywriter

Your copywriter is a professional and knows his/her craft. Their work on your project is supervised and proof-read by our Copywriting Supervisor. Which means your email copywriting is in safe hands

Rapid Response Turnaround Times

You’ll be blown away at the speed at which we respond to your project request – and how quickly we deliver your emails into the dashboard ready for you to send to your customers!

Automated Flow

We also integrate with Zapier so you can get each ticket update sent to your VA. Or fully integrated into your operational flow.

$7950 (annually)

$795/mo (monthly)

What we do


  • PDaily Emails
  • PSeinfeld Sequence
  • PContent Plans
  • P Revise any email we write as many times you want
  • PAdapting to your style and needs
  • P Send emails for you from within your CRM
  • PMeasure OPRs and CTRs for improved results

What we can


  • PWebinar sequence
  • PCopy for your blog
  • PCopy for a lead magnet
  • PWelcome sequence
  • PCustomer welcome campaigns
  • PCopy for social media
  • PStrategy advice to help clarify the right message for your target market

What takes us longer to


  • PCopy for sales pages
  • PCopy for sales funnels
  • PCopy for Seed Launches
  • PCopy for Pre-Launches
  • PCopy for Open Cart sequences
  • PDesign, craft copy and build sales pages end to end


Have Questions? We got answers!
Sit back with some coffee and a cookie.
Here we go.

What do you mean by unlimited daily emails copy?

We know each business has a different idea on how many emails should be sent. Our system is built in a way that allows you to submit as many copy requests as you like. We will be working for you every single day. Our input includes an Email
Content Strategy Session as part of your investment. If you need us to focus on a more specific need (like a welcome campaign, an opera sequence or a webinar sequence) then we can do that too. Either way – you now have a qualified copywriter as a part of your team.

Can you write anything we ask for?

We want to be super clear about what we can do, what we excel at doing, and what we simply cannot do without charging an extra for it.

We do daily emails best. We can do any sequence you need, but launch sequences and sales pages are included only for on the Daily Cookie Pro accounts. Yes we can write blog posts for you because we will already know you, your business, and content plan.

Yes we can write copy for daily posts on social media. But our best results come from using us to write daily emails for at least 3 months before we expand to other project requests. We want to REALLY understand you, your business, and your audience first.

How often do I get an update?

Five times a week. This usually means an email a day following our research of the topic you approved in the Content Plan or as sent via a Support Ticket. We will be writing your emails from scratch. They will be proofread by our Copywriting Supervisor and polished where and when required. That’s when you receive a file with the email text ready to send through your email sending provider – or you may have us do that for you for an added fee to your Daily Cookie subscription.

What about intellectual property?

You own any copy we write for you. We do NOT use the same copy for anyone else and are writing everything from scratch especially for you.

What if I am not happy about one of my emails?

Just tell us. We will revise your copy as many times as needed until you are absolutely happy with it. One thing though. You cannot send a Daily Cookie email and then tell us you are not happy with it for some reason or another. Once you send a Daily Cookie email we will presume you only sent it because you are happy with it.

Do you actually write 30 emails a month?

No, we don’t. We write every business day, so at best we could write 22 emails a month. BUT we don’t even promise that. You see… in the first month we will need to research your brand. While that takes only a week, some companies need us to tweak the content plan. So in the first month, we usually write about 8-15 emails. On the second we can get 15-20 of them often. And over time we will get better. Patience is advised.

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