Mendy’s Project 2.0 – Mgmt and Construction marketing services

$2,000.00 / month for 4 months



This package include:
* Four months of service – creating social media content – 1 piece of marketing per business (mgmt, construction) that is distributed in 4 platforms, twice a week
* Including a content plan for each business that is maintained and approved by the client
* Including meetings – usually 1 hour a month, but potentially 2 hours a month and UP TO 1 hour per week – for planning and executing the marketing activities
* Including the creation of a website for the construction business (copy, graphics, dev – end to end creation of the site, hosted on Kivi Media’s hosting services)

The new website will include all the needed software that Kivi Media needs, and will include email accounts for it.

This package do not promise specific results (from the social media marketing activities or from using the website) and do not offer ANY money back guarantees. There are no cancellation options – the 4 payments of $2000 per month is a fundamental part of this product and cannot be wavered or cancelled.
By purchasing this product you agree to the 4 months commitement.

After the four months are over – there will be an option to continue the service at $2000/month, with a 5% increase in cost expected after 12 months.