Spark – Coaching Program for Guy

$1,170.00 / month

This tailored package details a coaching service for Guy Sheffer and the company Balonizem, that is based on providing in meetings copy services, and off meetings design and development services.

It includes the following components:

  • One 1-hour coaching per week with Ziv Raviv (usually through two weekly 30-minutes coaching sessions)
  • REASONABLE Access for the graphics team and site development team for the creation of all components that are needed to create complete pages / funnels / marketing campaigns
  • The designs and development will be offered with unlimited revisions, for as long as the subscription is active
  • All graphics prepared will be shared in source
  • support for questions, strategy, or business consultancy on any topic will be done in the coaching calls and through email or ch

The program does not include any ad spend (for example on Google or Facebook).

It does include hosting fees for one year, and after that $10/m.

It doesn't include any email outreach tools or CRM fees.

This program requires cooperation and an active exchange of ideas. It also requires attending meetings.

There are no money back guarantees on this program.

Prices include Israeli VAT. An Israli invoice will be produced.

There are no promises for any result except for access to me as a coach and very reasonable access to my team for the reasons mentioned above.

That means that as we rebrand your site, I have no way of telling when it will be ready. Even in the case it's never finalized, the payments is still valid as it was for making myself available for coaching you.

The program can be canceled at any time, with no money back options of any sort.

Once canceled, all support will end at the date on which renewal was not processed due to cancellation.