Sparks Lite for BAs – a Coaching Program

$1,000.00 / month

Sparks Lite is a coaching & marketing program with Ziv Raviv

It includes design, copy, and dev work.

Sparks include the following components:

* ONE 30-min coaching per week
* Talking on a wide range of topics like Google and Facebook Ads, Getting stuff done, scaling and building your team, etc.
* Access to the development team for the purpose of creating a fully functional pages
* Access to the graphics team for the creation of all components that are needed to create complete marketing campaigns, products and sales
* The designs will be offered with unlimited revisions, for as long as the subscription is active. All graphics prepared will be shared in source
* Support for questions, strategy, or business consultancy on any topic will be done in the coaching calls and through email or chat (whatsapp)
* A copywriter will be assigned to your account and she will serve you as your account manager

The program does not include any ad spend (for example on Google or Facebook).

This program requires cooperation and an active exchange of ideas.

The program includes reasonable sufficient access to the team, but does not include the same amount of allotted access budget as KMC clients, or clients that meet Ziv for an hour a week.

There are no money-back guarantees on this program.

There are no promises for any result except for access to me as a coach and very reasonable access to my team for the reasons mentioned above.

The program can be canceled at any time.

Once canceled, all support will end at the date on which renewal was not processed due to cancellation.

Pausing the meetings while maintaining the rest of the services is possible at a pausing rate of 800/m for up to 8 weeks a year.