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Your entire business growth is affected by words. Time to become an Email Wizard

From Zero to Email Wizard in 7 days

Stop struggling with what to write, how to write it, and investing a ton of time you don’t have.
Use this system to harness the power of email marketing to get you magical, delighting results in your business in under 7 days.

Your clients want to hear from you!


I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you can connect with your tribe members on a daily basis without compromising time with your family, VIP clients, maintaining yourself, and feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you hate writing, never studied copywriting, and generally hate to receive so many emails.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you…

Your business is transforming people’s lives.
And they reward you with their money. It’s going on great, you get acknowledged often, and yet… something is wrong.

You simply cannot get your business to get to the next level.

It feels like an invisible thick ceiling is always there, with anything you do.

All attempts to break it and finally scale up and be accepted by a bigger audience have failed.
You are close to losing hope. In many ways, you already did.

This is the plateau of the wasteland of despair.  Growing your business from now on is going to
be an impossible feat.

Here comes the worst part…

You don’t get to finally find a breakthrough, you’ll soon start to feel the business-slayer results of the dreaded churn. Basically, the number of people that will stop buying from you and cancel their subscriptions with you will be so high, you will start to see your business shrink like a watermelon that is disconnected from its source of life – its roots.

Your business will be experiencing a slow, painful death. The torture kind.

As that happens, you will freak out and look for solutions in your budget. You will stop paying yourself first. But that will not be enough. Then… you will start looking into firing essential parts of your team that helped you get to where you are now.

That will feel sucky. But that’s not all…

Your reputation will also be on the line forever. And your tribe will start looking for solutions from
other leaders and find out… They have a great active party. You don’t.

Eventually, this will affect your personal life. Your kids wanted that trip to six flags.
Your partner wanted those new Gucci shoes.

Your business and your life are ruined.
And it’s too late to do anything.

Or is it?


From Zero to Email Wizard in 7 days

This online course has the power to affect everything you do in your business.
Because emails are everywhere. Emails are the one factor that can affect the success
of your business the most.

And by being able to get magical results from your emails,
you will know how to effortlessly write:

  • PEmails to people that asked for a freebie
  • PEmails to people that bought your e-books
  • PEmails to people that bought your courses
  • PEmails that get people to buy your high-end offering
  • PEmails to people that bought your tripwires
  • PEmails to people that bought your products
  • PEmails to people that totally forgot about you… until today!

Not only that, but you will also be able to harness the power
of The Reunion Party Method.

What is the RPM?

It’s a complete system and framework that will help you get results within 7 days from joining this tried-and-tested program.

Easily and frequently talk with your tribe as if you are attending the ten-year reunion party of your class.

THE GAME – You are about to go into a parallel universe with strict rules.

Ready to play the game? We are here to help you with some critical life-saving guidelines.


This type of people go into a Reunion Party without staying in touch AT ALL with anyone in their class.

They don’t initiate any conversation because it feels awkward after not staying in touch. They consider selling something but it feels icky so they don’t.


These are the people who go into a Reunion Party and everyone tries to avoid them. All they do is try and convince people to buy something. You could identify this type as they keep begging people – “buy this, buy that” without even remembering the person’s name.

They don’t remember the inner jokes, they ignore the class traditions and they just show up as if the party is their own used car dealership annual sales event.


These are the people that don’t have any plan for what they will do in the Reunion Party. They just wing it. They don’t have goals or go about intentionally to fulfill them.

They just approach anyone that is conveniently available, just talk about whatever topic that comes to mind, and are disappointed when the results were meh.


These are people that go to the Reunion Party without knowing any news on the people in their class. They don’t check people’s social media prior to the party so they don’t know basic stuff about them.

As a result, the people in their class don’t relate to what they’re trying to say. Embarrassing incidents happen frequently to these guys.


These are people who talk like a used-car salesman to their class at a Reunion Party. That often repulses everyone they meet.

Even just being around them feels like all they care about is taking your money. Their smile feels fake, and their interest in you feels phony.

When you meet people at a Reunion Party you have things in common with them. You will probably talk about some of the teachers, friends that you stayed in touch with and even talk about your heroes.

And when you talk about topics that you are interested in, it makes you interesting. This type of people care about others. They are empathetic and compassionate and they are humbled by the achievements of others


These people are great listeners. And people love sharing with them their problems. And when that problem is something that they know how to fix, they offer help and are not afraid to ask for the sale. They don’t do it with someone they don’t already know and have mutual respect.

Their decision to sell is not based on their own need for the deal, but rather is a natural part of the relationship with people they care about that have a problem to solve.


These are people that make sure that they get groomed before they show up at a Reunion Party. They get their nails and hair done. They don’t just write emails, they make them appear attractive. They do so by choosing the words to mark as bold, change fonts and colors, write attention grabbers, carefully select the links that make you click, add emojis that make their email skimmable and colorful, and even add pictures or gifs. Every email of theirs is a head-turner, and they simply put are oh-so-ready to jazz up the night
(aka make money rain!).


These are people who attend a Reunion Party with a specific outcome in mind. They want to make a huge impact on people at the end of the party. They want others to leave the party with a smile on their face.

They focus on interactions that produce great results such as reconnecting with old broken friendships. They go to the party with a specific purpose in mind and work
intentionally to achieve it.


These are people who mingle and interact with everyone in their class at a Reunion Party. They move around so they can engage with other people. This makes them highly appealing to their classmates and they organically initiate a conversation. They tell different stories to every group they mingle with which makes them even more attractive. This includes, in email marketing, making sure your email list continues to grow and your emailing people according to their different segmented needs and interests.

The Proven System

For nurturing relationships through copywriting

This course is designed to get you results FAST and within 7-days, so it includes fast-paced bite-size lessons in four main modules. Only practical advice, cut to perfection to be easy to consume.
Yep, you might say we care a lot about saving time.

In module 1

you will begin with your Email Wizard Foundations. In this module, you will learn the principles and foundations of writing an effective email and be introduced to the magic of copywriting.

This includes

And 7 more topics…

In module 2

you will learn all about The Reunion Party Method which will become your secret weapon and biggest magic trick. It will totally change the way you nurture relationships with your prospects and past clients. The Reunion Party Method has 3 lessons.

In module 3

titled “The After Party,” you will learn how to write enchanting emails with the help of the APSPC Formula, sales script spells, powerful but engaging emojis and more.

This module includes:

And 7 more topics…


Join this program today and become an Email Wizard within 7 days!

In the next 48 hours, we guarantee that you will need to write copy, or benefit from sending an email in your business. But what if you had a magic wand that made it easy to get results from every email you write?

Can I share with you my secret?


This is the about section but please know one thing.
And I promise you this!
This is not about me.
Let me just make sure it’s clear so I will say it again.
This section is NOT about me.
It’s about you. Will you really join this course and trust me with your time if it you didn’t have a few reasons to trust me?

There are two types of educators online these days.
The hacks – will teach you stuff they hardly ever used themselves.
And that’s fine – as long as it works. But I am not one of them.
Then there are the practitioners. Those that managed to use copy to get some pretty amazing results, and only then took the moment to stop everything and teach it.
And I am neither of these.

I started teaching copywriting because I had to. My team had to go from zero to full speed and magical results like… FAST.

So there you go. A bit about me. I’m Ziv Raviv, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Daily Cookie. I created a total of six successful businesses operating in separate niches online.

I also created six different podcasts, with the latest being the Micro Niche Mastery Podcast.

My businesses make 6 figures. They are all profitable and growing.
We started with just me and by now we have a team of 12 peeps.

How do we do it (and you can too)?
I’ve created a system that allowed me to write emails that sell consistently to my businesses, even when they are in totally different niches.
And that system was tested with my clients’ businesses too and they were able to produce the same results.

I didn’t get there immediately. I had to go through the years of frustration first.
Because my online businesses are in different niches it meant coming up with unique email content and I thought sending once a week for each list should be fine.

But then I heard from the experts, ‘you gotta send emails daily.’

At first I was skeptical and had a few what-about lines running through my head.
What about the people who unsubscribe?
What about my best clients who are super busy?
What about the topics… what will I write about.

Coming up with three different email ideas every day soon became an impossible task, even for an ultra productive dude like me.
So I had to come up with a system. The very same system that I share here in the From Zero to Email Wizard in Seven Days course.

I discovered my own coaching clients were desperate for a reliable email writing system. It was no longer about just scratching my own itch, it turned into a quest to help other business people scratch theirs.

Details matter and I wanna share them with you, here and now. I devised and tested a plan of daily, well-written emails for all of my businesses. After 90 days of sending daily emails, 5 times a week, people started to buy way more than I had ever seen before. In fact, we celebrated our best month of sales EVER!

And nowadays, we use this system and course to train all of the copywriters of Daily Cookie, and I insist on making sure my coaching clients go through the training too. It’s that good!

Please trust me and try out this program. I know you will love it and get your desired results from it.


 But what it really means

…if you actually join

With From Zero to Email Wizard in Seven Days. and the Reunion Party Method within it, you’ll have the power to…

Warm-Up Audiences

So They Are Scorching Hot

Sending daily emails will warm up your email list. And if they’re warm, they’ll enjoy buying whatever offwer you have. Watch your bank account go “ding” on your phone!

Grabs People's Attention

And See How They Stop Ignoring Your Message

Using the principles that you’ll learn in the Reunion Party, you’ll be able to skyrocket your email open rates and click-through rates. That way you just know they finally truly follow you and trust your leadership. Your peeps are truly a tribe now.

Flying To Results Fast

Write Effective Emails Like A True Email Wizard Copywriter in Just 7 Days

The program is value-packed and transformation but only takes about 10 hours to finish. You only need to put in 1.5hours each day to finish it in just 7 days and you’ll be an email wizard with some sweet magical results coming your way, thanks to your decision to join this.

Make Them Customers for Life

Relationships like that means higher lifetime value. Wowsies!

Getting in touch and nurturing the relationship with your subscribers leads them to buy more often. Instead of just selling them once, you will be making an appearance on their credit card statement every month. Create your own 1000 True Fans and enjoy being surrounded by superfans with burning pockets. 

No more uncertainty

You will always know what to write about

This system gives you ALL of the tools you will need to always know what to write about. You will get templates, subject line ideas, all the copy skills, ways to sequence your emails, know how on deliverability magic tricks and a profound understanding on what works.

Proven to work for all levels

We don’t call it from Zero to Email Wizard for no reason

We have tested this course with people that had zero experience in copywriting. It works. The results are astounding. A clear understanding of how to write email copy is just 7 days of hard work away. And when we say hard work, we mean about 1.5 hours a day

 Add some Vitamin E

The E stands for Emails (duh)


I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

 But That’s Not All…

You’ll also have access to these freebies

Value = $97 NOW FREE!

Bonus #1

141 email ideas that make your clients enjoy buying from you

Never stare at a blank screen ever again with this email content idea generator.

This resource is the ultimate tool that will help you decide what content to write about in your next email. With this, you’ll be able to choose one of 141 emails ideas and stay in touch with your subscribers oh so often.
If you are writing 3 emails a week, this will be enough for about a year.
And, since the ideas can be reused, you could be writing forever, as often as you like.

Writing daily emails shouldn’t be hard and frustrating.
It can be enjoyable, if you have a system.

This bonus is valued at $97 but now you can get it for free when you choose to join The From Zero To Email Wizard in Seven Days.

Value = $47 NOW FREE!

Bonus #2

Exclusive Collection of Call To Actions, Buttons and Opt In Forms

The copy on your buttons can actually make or break the results of your sales pages.

And from now on, you won’t have to come up with effective lines for your CTAs.
Be inspired by some of the world’s best buttons’ copy you have ever read!

Save time and brainpower for other important matters, a.k.a stay in your genius zone, and be the Prof. Dumbledore of your industry!

This freebie has successful opt ins and sales page CTAs that you can model from.

You don’t have to reinvent the flying broom, you just have to leverage successful and proven lines that we have carefully and meticulously collected for you.


Getting the From Zero to Email Wizard in Seven Days Can Result In

More Sales

Expect a surprise call from your banker complimenting you about the consistent cash flow you started to have each month

More engagement

Experience getting more replies, clicks and acknowledgement from your email list. And the reports on your CRM will never look the same again.

Better relationship

Have a stronger connection with your clients and look forward to them mentioning new needs and having deeper pockets.

Establish Authority

Becoming the go-to person in your industry and being their most trusted advisor means you might eventually actually need to write that book you were dreaming about.

Unlimited content ideas

You will never again be able to use the excuse of “I am out of ideas” when looking into writing your next email

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

You will need to start memorizing names as people keep coming back for more of your products or services, as you steadily increase you Lifetime Value

If you want to avoid any of these “unfortunate” results of this course, hit that BACK button now. Otherwise, if you insist on getting those results… join the program now.


I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Case study: Chad Jacob

A case study we cherry picked for you

Chad Jacob used to answer all his inquiries with only one email. But after learning about the power of email sequences, he decided to implement the Reunion Party Method. Chad created a welcome sequence of seven emails, with his new wielded power. And the results were materialized fast –  his conversions from new leads have TRIPLED. 

Wanna triple your income on one of your funnels too? How about every single one of your funnels? Copy has the power to grow any business. What magical results will you get out of the From Zero to Email Wizard in Seven Days?

Only one way to find out…


I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Join this program today to get fabulous results within 7 days!

Just to recap, this program is designed to give you these results:
Here’s what you’ll get…
and the value it brings to your business

Bonus #1:

141 email ideas that make your clients enjoy buying from you (Value $97)

Bonus #2:

Exclusive Collection of Call To Actions, Buttons and Opt In Forms (Value $47)

Total Value = $2687

But for today only you’ll only pay




I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard for only $97

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Your Full Armor Protection
Join now and you’ll be protected with our 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We would like to take all the risk on us. If you take action with this course, you will get results within 7 days. BUT, take 30 days on us, and take your time in immersing yourself with the magic of email copywriting. If you contact us in any way within 30 days – email, facebook chat, whatsapp or even a pigeon message, we will refund 100% of your money. Hey, if you are nice we might even buy you a cup of coffee for trying it out.

Learn all the modules, do all the exercises, practice writing emails and use all the resources provided for 30 days and we are sure you will beg us for getting access for life for this course. There is no need for begging – it’s yours for life already, for just those $97, even though realistically it’s value should have been around $2687.

Which of the two choices would you choose today?

For just a itsy bitsy $97 investment, you’ll be given the keys to make more money from your business. And the best part is, that $87 you invested today will pay off not today, not tomorrow, but every single day from within a week from now! But only if you actually learn from the course.
But we know you will… so – how’s that for a teeny-weeny investment?


I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.


Q. I know the Reunion Method Party can give me the amazing results that I want. But I only have a small list. Is this still applicable to my business?
Of course! This method is ideal for all types of coaches, course creators, membership site owners, business owners – even if they are just starting out. The surprising thing is… by using this system now it will streamline your content creation and will actually GROW you email list, regardless of its current size.
Q. I might consider investing in this cool program. But I don't have time to sit through hours of videos. How long does it take to finish the training?
Our copywriting program only takes THREE hours to finish end to end! The training video length in each lesson takes between four to ten minutes to watch. You only need to invest 30-minutes a day in this program to finish it entirely within a week. And the best part? You can still watch your favorite Netflix series, take care of your kids after school activities or crush it in a game of chess with people from all over the world after watching the training.
Q. I know this program is life-changing but I’m not a good writer. Will this still work for me?
Definitely! We designed the From Zero to Email Wizard in Seven Days to be a simple program anyone can learn from. You don’t have to be a good writer right now, but by using easy to follow systems, you will become magical in the sense that you will be seeing yummy business results.
Q. I’ve been itching to purchase this program. But how long do I have access to the training? What if I need to rewatch it?
The program is yours for life once you buy it. There’s no expiration time, whatsoever. You can come back to the lessons anytime you want even after finishing all of it. Hey, if you work with your spouse in the family business, you can actually let them watch it too for no extra charge.
Q. This program sounds intriguing. However, do I have to purchase a subscription from expensive and complicated email marketing platforms?
You don’t have to. Even the free version of the email marketing platforms out there is good enough. You also don’t need a tech guy to do the process we teach in this program.
Q. Do you offer any money back guarantee or promise certain results?
We guarantee you will become an email wizard in under seven days. In case you haven’t, you can keep on going through the course as many times as you like, and if you ask for a refund within THIRTY days, you will get 100% of the money back. We have this grand plan to choose a few people from the under 1% that ask for a refund, and buy them coffee, just because we can. Who knows – you might fall under that criteria and get some caffeine on us.

Not making a decision is like going to sleep for a month!

Will that grow your business?

Bonus #1:

141 email ideas that make your clients enjoy buying from you (Value $97)

Bonus #2:

Exclusive Collection of Call To Actions, Buttons and Opt In Forms (Value $47)

Total Value = $2687

But for today only you’ll only pay




I want instant access to From Zero to Email Wizard

Regular price $197. Currently for only $97. You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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