Send more emails, make more money

June 2, 2022

People LOOOVE looking at their emails.

Checking emails is one of the top three things most people do when they wake up

And this is actually the biggest reason why most business owners leverage the power of email marketing (You’ll learn four reasons why emails are powerful).

Because let’s face it…When was the last time you checked your inbox today? 

A couple of seconds ago?

Even if you say a few hours ago, I’m pretty sure you’ve peeked at your emails since you woke up to see if there is something new from someone you want to hear from.

Imagine being hooked by the email subject line, and before you knew it, you clicked a link inside and signed up for something. 

And after a few seconds, you were already on their checkout page!

Now that was fast!

In this day and age, many people just scroll through emails with their phones or tablets to buy stuff online.

And business owners are taking advantage of this huge opportunity to harness email’s marketing power. 

Throughout my life as a copywriter and a business owner, I have learned from many marketing experts the importance of sending more emails.

They said that “Money is on the email list.” They’re right.

So it’s a big opportunity to sell something to the people who are interested enough to be on your email list.

You see, people on email lists are potentially high-value clients. They’re people whom you’ve invited and who would like to try your product or service.

Inside the list are people who are waiting to hear anything from you.

And until I saw the importance of this, I got caught in big trouble.

The fact that I lost $875k, left a massive amount of money on the table because of not realizing the return on investment of emails is crazy – all because I disregarded its power.

And after recognizing my mistake, I quickly realized I needed to do something different. It’s time to turn my back from giving my email list a cold shoulder.

I had to send more emails to make more money. And so should a business owner like you.

Sending frequent emails can help you:

  • Sell your $37 courses
  • Sign people up for your services
  • Offer premium coaching packages
  • Enroll new members to increase monthly revenue
  • Recommend affiliate products and get a cut of the sales
  • Change your life and improve relationships with people around you (we have a podcast about this for you to listen to here)

And let me give you four reasons why email is unbeatable and useful for increasing your sales (and why you should send more).



1. Your email list is waiting while waving their money at you

Once you’re in your prospect’s inbox, congratulations! This person signed up to hear from you. Yes, the reason can be simply because they’ve let you stay –  but this gives you an opportunity to sell your product or service to them. But, of course, use product mentions sparingly.


2. 58% of people check their email on their beds

Yes, you heard that right. Your email list is waiting on their beds for your emails. 58% of adults check emails in bed (they check it first thing in the morning, and sometimes even before they go to sleep). Stop having two minds and start sending your emails now, while your audience is under their blankets!


People not only check their email in bed, they also check it… while on the toilet! Toilets are not exempt, they’re also witnesses to how addicted people are to checking their emails. According to a 2015 statistic, 42% of adults check their emails on the toilet. Let’s not get into the reasons why they do that, but it’s a great feeling to know that even in that specific private time, they still want to see your emails.


3. Email beats social media for reaching your audience.

Have you ever tried posting some of your products/services to jerky social media platforms and getting zero likes? Well, it’s not because your post sucks. It’s because no one is seeing it, no, not one. If you post a new blog link on your Facebook page, the number of visitors you’ll get is nothing compared to using the same link as your email’s call-to-action.

4. Emails increase intimacy (with your audience, that is)

Email is 1:1. If you send emails, your audience will develop an intimate relationship with you. That’ll make them feel like your service is only for them (me-to-you, or us-to-you). Others (like social media platforms) indicate a one-to-many relationship.

If you make money from something – products, services, online courses – then email can sell it for you.

Emails are so powerful right now that any product you might want to sell – you can sell more of it by marketing with email.

But how often do we fail to get the results we are looking for when doing email marketing?

Just like riding a bicycle can both increase your health and land you in an accident… using emails is one thing,  using them well is another.

As a marketing vehicle, emails can get you anywhere you want to go and help you crush your money goals, no matter what micro-niche you are in.

But it takes consistency, quality, quantity, strategy, and execution to get you there faster.

And that’s why I want to help you with a resource that will encourage you to write well and write often.

Click this link for ideas on what to write in your emails. There are 141 of them, so you’re sure to craft some awesome emails.

By using the resource above, you’ll be able to start this amazing four-step cycle:

Create emails. Press Send. Make Money. Repeat.

OR… if you’re serious about delegating in your biz and want to make more money through emails… then yeah, use Daily Cookie.

With a variety of writers who will adjust and finish (or write from scratch) – your emails on your schedule, you can regularly send more emails to your list – and increase your sales.

141 Email Ideas

From Zero to Email Wizard in 7 days

Exclusive Collection of CTAS

The Email Marketer’s Guide to the Hero’s Journey

7 Pillars of Email Copy

Exclusive Collection of Subject Lines, Preview Lines and Attention Grabbers

Exclusive Collection of Subject Lines, Preview Lines and Attention Grabbers

How to respond to clients

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