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What If You Emailed Your List Every Day?

It’s ok! We’re not saying you MUST email every day. For some clients this would be too much of a leap of faith.

You may choose to send Daily Cookie emails only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Or even Tuesday and Thursday? Or stick with your once per week routine (though we would want to educate you on why that is a business-ending decision.)

Then again – you could be right ready to plug into advice based on years of testing and results gained by email marketers who send more emails. Which means their subscribers get to know, like, and trust them much more. And the pay-off? Make more sales and earn more money.

Let’s see what some of the experts say about emailing your list daily . . .

“If people are hearing from you every day or five days a week; all those emails start building on each other. You become the leader in that niche whatever you’re in or you become a leader at it.

You’re someone who is demonstrating your competency and your knowledge and your skill level in whatever it is you sell. You’re the one they know, like and trust after a while.

You become their trusted friend. If you do it right you’re not sitting there blatantly pitching every day. Again, you’re making it valuable, you’re making it worth their time to read it and you’re making yourself stand out from everyone else. You can only do that if it’s daily.

You really can’t do that on a weekly or monthly or whatever e-mail.” ~ Ben Settle, Email Players Newsletter (interviewed on Drop Dead Copy podcast by John McIntyre.)

“I have zero doubts, zero reserves, zero hesitation that the following statement is absolutely true: You will make more money if you communicate with your prospects and customers more often.

In all my years of business, working with over a hundred different businesses in 40+ different industries, I have found this to be true 100% of the time.” ~ Jeremy Reeves, Sales Funnel Specialist and owner of the CrazyEgg blog.

“An email a day keeps the debt collector away. ” ~ Mike J. Searles, Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter

What Types Of Businesses Benefit From Sending Daily Emails?
We’d like to say the local butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. But seriously: if you have a business that sells a product, service, program, or idea to people – then you owe it to THEM as your potential customers to email daily.
Your business could be:
  • PBlogging
  • PPodcasting
  • PCoaching
  • PCourse creation
  • PAffiliate marketing
  • PYouTuber
  • PSAAS developer
  • PDrop shipper
  • PAmazon storefront owner
  • Pand any other business you can think of
Don’t Send Emails Like This!

This is NOT a Daily Cookie email. It’s an example of the polar opposite of the kind of email you should be sending your list. Yet, it’s typical of the kind of email ignorant marketers send. And why people become resistant to getting more emails. Your emails from Daily Cookie will be nothing like this email below.

[subject line] Buy our stuff!

Because here at ACME Products – we sell better widgets than anybody else.

– Our widgets are bigger. Our widgets are shinier.
– We sell more widgets than our competitors down the road.
– We want you to buy our widgets.

ACME Products has a special sale underway. We will apply a 5% discount for anybody who buys one of our green widgets today. But only today. So hurry. Or miss out.

Here’s our link. Click it and buy now. We’ll give a 5% discount.

ACME Products

PS Our widgets are the best widgets. We are the best at making widgets. And we are better looking than any of our competitors. So, there!

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We understand that on some weeks you need only one email, on some you need three, or more. We can write even five emails a week or 30 a month. You are in full control of the content plan as well as what we write for you.

Dedicated professional email copywriter

You are assigned your own professional email copywriter whose work is supervised for quality. This includes training, onboarding, proofreading and strategy. And since your copywriter works with you for a long time, they get to know your needs and write in the style that gets you better results.

Proof-reading by our copywriting supervisor

All emails go through our copywriting supervisor that makes sure the copy was proof-read. Every single word of it. We also look for styling improvements, length of copy and seven other principle that creates an efficient daily email.

Emails supplied straight to your Daily Cookie Dashboard

You’ll love how fast we are at dropping your emails into the dashboard – ready for you to send. We also realize you might prefer opening up tickets in an email to us. We will transform them into a ticket for you. We will even make sure you get the Google doc link for the copy mentioned in a spreadsheet with all of the emails we wrote for you, so you get access to your conten in so many ways.

We can even send your emails through your CRM

Want us to monitor your Open rates and Click Through rates? Wanna save more time? Let us load the emails into your CRM/autoresponder for you. It’s all done for you as soon as you approve the copy (or at some point… pre approved even). 

Affordable - so you can save lots and lots of money

Look we get it. Business expenses are a strugle. We take pride in saving you money. How much money? Let’s just say that our clients report they had offers for copy for email that started at $360 per email. We charge that much for a whole month…

Here’s what people are saying about Daily Cookie…

Jeanne & Kirsten

Thank you! We are learning so much from you and we are truly grateful!

Jeanne & Kirsten
Six Figures Business Coaching

Conversion Blueprint

I use Daily Cookie! Love it.

Conversion Blueprint

Rachel S. Lee

low price with very quality copy!

Rachel S. Lee

Jonah Babbins

YESSSSSSSS This is amazing. WOW Perfect email

Jonah Babbins

Chris Badgett

"Love the Design Pickle for copy service idea. Ziv your generous spirit, creative mind, and entrepreneur skills make a wonderful combination to watch!"

Chris Badgett

Zivi Raviv

After 90 days of daily emails, 5 times a week, people started buying way more. We've just had our best month EVER!"

Zivi Raviv
Kivi Media

Rob Fisher

"Daily Cookie has proven to be of exceptional value in marketing my business. The emails they wrote for me are of the highest standard - and they work! I even sent a campaign of their emails to an old list of 2,000 subscribers who I haven't reached out to for over two years. And sales are through the roof."

Rob Fisher
MFT, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Professor, Author

Kids Entertainers Academy

"We quit writing our own fortnightly emails and starting sending Daily Cookie emails daily - and quickly made 3X MORE sales with less stress!"

Kids Entertainers Academy

Shachar Erez

“Daily Cookie writes all our daily emails. We don’t have time to write them - not as good as these guys. Our list loves getting them. And we love sending them - because they make us money.”

Shachar Erez
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Get Unlimited Daily Copy At A Flat Monthly Rate

For less than many copywriters charge for only one email