Why sending daily emails will change your relationships and life, with Ziv Raviv (MNM Season 1 Episode 14)

September 20, 2021

Why sending daily emails will change your relationships and life, with Ziv Raviv

Episode 14, Season 1 – Ziv Raviv


Welcome to the fourteenth episode of The Micro Niche Mastery Podcast – the LAST episode of season 1.

For today’s episode, Ziv Raviv will personally talk about the back story of the Micro Niche Mastery Podcast and how daily emails helped him to become a 6 figure business owner, coach, and podcaster.

Are you still thinking about which niche you are going to pursue in your business? You’ve got some inspiration here, so listen up.

  • Ziv started podcasting with Balloon Artist Podcast. It quickly became his first 6 figure business
  • “Once you try a few things and you find something that generates the first five figures, stick to that one.”
  • Balloon Artist College and Kids Entertainer Academy are subscription-based online schools. The story of why Ziv created these are in the first part of the interview
  • Ziv wanted to diversify his portfolio by venturing into another niche, so he created Generous Marriage podcast
  • If you are a balloon artist, kids entertainer or a business owner who need help, Kivi Media provides group coaching for you, and zivraviv.com provides one on one.
  • The secret for making more money – sending daily emails
  • The hard problem with sending daily emails actually made Ziv the founder of Daily Cookie. co
  • If you need help in writing valuable emails that capture your voice. Check this out
  • “I believe that Micro niches are the fastest way to create results with a business. Yes, you can start Micro and then expand. I’ve done that too, but you should always start with a micro-niche.”Ziv Raviv
  • MORE educational tips and advice about copywriting are in store for you in the next season. Watch out for Micro Niche Mastery Podcast Season 2
  • What do you think about Micro Niche Mastery Podcast? Leave us a review, and let us know


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Open Transcript

Welcome to the Micro Niche Mastery Podcast, where we help you establish yourself in the perfect micro-niche. So you will get noticed and grow your business faster. And now your host, he married his high school sweetheart at the age of 24 Ziv Raviv.


Hello and welcome to the Micro Niche Mastery Podcast. This is episode 14 of season one and as such it’s the end of season one, and I wanted to do something different today, just to get to know one another and to share with you the back story of the Micro-Niche Mastery podcast. I know some podcasters choose to do this in episode zero, but I believe in value first. That’s something that I really believe in, and I’ve decided to first produce 14 episodes or 13 episodes before I get the opportunity to share with you something about me or about what we do in daily cookie. So my personal story, I, in case you are not familiar with anything I’m Ziv Raviv and in the year of 2016, I started my first podcast. I didn’t have any business aspirations with it. I was just hoping to help other people in a very, very small niche and just enjoy giving back after being able to 10 X, a local business of mine through using all sorts of marketing tactics.


I wanted to follow the lead of other podcasters that I appreciated and just give back and see what happens. Well, the first podcast, actually, at the end of the first season, I had an email list of 400 people. And that email list was allowing me basically to do my first launch with a webinar and a very simple funnel of just sending a bunch of messages about like emails about the webinar and launching my first coaching program. My first group coaching program and business-like education, that type of thing. It was actually in four months into my creation of the podcast after the first season. And that was like the first launch $11,000 worth of a launch of a launch with a very, very small list and a very small niche. We’re talking about a niche called balloon artist podcast, like the NYSIIS balloon artists.


The, these are people that entertain kids in parties and decorate the events all throughout the world. There’s actually only about 4,000 people in this micro-niche. So it’s a really, really small like 4,000 professionals give or take. And I was able to like make $11,000 from the first launch and then did another season of the podcast to justify another launch. And then in data launch, I was able to make another $11,000. So $22,000 within year one in general, I would say with any micro niche, once you try a few things and you find something that generates the first five figures, stick to that one. So I actually, tried another idea back to back with this one in idea called the booster monster.com and booster monster.com was not able to create five figures in that amount of time. It was able to create a few thousand dollars, but not something significant.


And basically I decided to put all my energy on a balloon artist to podcast.com. Well, soon enough, I understood that I need to diversify my portfolio of my product, and it started to work with other creators to create other online courses with like in a partnership model. And by September, 2017, a year and a half into podcasting, I had already enough courses to create a subscription-based online school. People would sign up at the beginning just to get access to three webinars a month. And soon enough later we go our a number of webinars for free to five to seven to 10 webinars a month. And in parallel started to cumulate online courses that will be available for free for the members we started with about five of them, and then go up to 10 to 20. And these days, five years later, the members of the balloon artist college, that’s how it was named.


They have access to one handed courses. So this whole journey with the balloon artists podcast taught me a lot about how like the micro niche can actually get you to be noticed way faster just to demonstrate how fast this was. I only started in 2016, but on 2018 in the most respected magazine in this niche, a professional magazine by one of the balloon manufacturer that magazine has decided to announce of the 20 people that are the most influential people out the world, over the balloon industry. And they chose me to be one of those influencers. And that was like in two years time where before that no one even knew me. And basically two years, not just, I was known, but also people have been like recognized me as an influencer. So that created opportunities for me, just being very active in this micro niche and not a micro-niche that was somewhat overlapping, but mostly not is the micro-niche of magicians for kids, kids, magicians, magicians that are kids or the teenagers and people that are focused on kids’ entertainment, but not with balloons.


And I was approached by the owner of the kids entertainer academy, entertain a podcast and the kids that attend our academy and that it was requested to teach for them, which in the beginning was something that was more for the connection and the networking and learning. And later on, they offered me an option to actually buy half of the company from them and eventually buy the other half. So in 2018, I actually overtook that school just a few months after getting balloonartistcollege.com. And I’ve decided to kind of think big because now I was the owner of two online schools in somewhat overlapping niches. Both of them were micro niches. So the number of magicians around the world, the children’s entertainers is about 8,000 people. So there was a little bit of a bigger niche, still, very Micheal and very specific and requires very specific expertise.


And I basically bought a ready-made school with five courses. So since 2018, I nurtured that school and kind of new content. I tried all sorts of different types of webinars and created all sorts of partnerships around the course creation. And these days, this school has 30 full-blown online courses, as well as handling of lectures all for the subscription-based payment, so that these very low, like 30 bucks or 50 bucks in BAC. So, the fact that I had two schools now forced me to think big once again, I had to realize that now I’m running like a chain of schools, and I really wanted to go into another micro-niche, which was not in the entertainment niche so that I could diversify my portfolio and learn new stuff and just fulfill myself, I guess. So that’s when I catered to things like I did Kivimedia, which was the, like the parent company, the model company, if you will, which will be the company that actually provide group coaching for any of my schools.


And then I created a generousmarriage.com with my co-host and partner for that specific company who is [inaudible]. And so now I had three different Micro niches that they operate in and one extra cup. And he gave you media for providing group coaching services on business related topics. So for my standpoint, as said, when you have an activity in your business that is making 10,000 plus you should treat it as a business by itself with its own needs and its own plan. And that’s what I did. I had the plan for balloon artist college plan for KEA Kids Entertainer Academy or plan for generousmarriage.com and a plan for Kivi Media.co Each of them will making a significant amount of money. So on the overall, we were a six-figure business since 2006 and 17. So the next step was to realize that I’m starting to attract people to me that are just interested in my services as a coach, but it never held any of my podcasts.


They never really, they were not inside my Micro niches. They were just excited about having someone to work with them on launching their own business or podcast or online course. So I decided to create, at some point after the clients told me, I need to have my own personal brand. And because they wanted to refer people to me and you didn’t know what to do, like someone who was coached by me, and then they wanted to let a friend snow, Hey, check this out. This is my coach, but they didn’t know what should they send? Where should they send people? Should they send people to one of my schools? It doesn’t make sense. Should they send them to my group coaching program, giving me data to go? No. So I needed to have my own personal brand. And I called this after my own. Name’s zivraviv.com


And I started to provide one-on-one coaching, which actually took off significantly. Just as an example, within 2021, I’m free. I’m a recording this in September. And the brand is expected to make over $100,000 just from one-to-one coaching and with zero marketing, by the way, just from people that they hear about me somehow, I sometimes even don’t know how. So this made me put me in a situation where I’m super-duper busy, right? I’m a very productive guy. I love, I’m also a very supportive person. I have a team in the Philippines or for like a VA and graphic designers and website developers that will help me and nowadays copywriters. So I’ve built this and gradually expanded my team. I will talk about that in another episode, but what happened was I started to feel really bad about not sending daily emails, daily emails, work period.


The more emails you send, the more money you make. That’s something that I’ve noticed to myself. We even had this month where we have worked hard on, like, I did the challenge for myself. And I sent an email every day for 90 days. And at the end of those 90 days, we looked into the numbers. And the last month of those 90 days was the best month we ever had in the last 18 months prior to that. So, but I couldn’t do it all by myself. I was too busy with coaching clients. I would go to sleep and I will feel bad about not sending another email in that is like the spark of that’s how, you know, daily cookie was actually conceived. It was out of a need of mine. I had two copy ideas I was working with back then. And those coping ideals were freelancers.


And even though I was able to negotiate with them and win-win situation where they write stuff, either on retainer or with dependent our deal, that was, I was happy with. I still felt like if I needed to outsource to them, my daily emails needs for probably three online schools. That would be very expensive. And for a long time, I did not do anything with it. I did it. I just was like, knowing that I need to send more emails and couldn’t figure out who should I delegate this to? Because I knew that my higher end copywriters will just be too expensive for my needs. I started to think about how other companies offer a subscription-based service like graphic designs for once a day, a graphic designer would sit down and do a creative cycle for you and send you a graphic design by day, every single day. And you have a pipeline and you have now access to a designer. I thought, Hey, what if I could find something like that in the copy world? And then I’ll just hire them. But I couldn’t find something that is exactly like that. Yes, there are copywriting agency that will sell their copy by the world. But I don’t believe in that. I believe that if you’re a copywriter recharging by the world, then you have no control over your budget. And you actually might be attempted to write less than what you need all to hide more than what you need, because that would be the, the interest of the copywriter and all that aside, that there were people that were charging by the hour, which I couldn’t find someone I can trust that will be affordable enough because the copywriters that knows how to market themselves are relatively expensive per hour, even 100 and $150 per hour.


Like if you go to Upwork, that’s pretty much where the qualities, I realized that if I can’t find a solution to my need, then maybe I should create one. Maybe I should create a solution for that. But instead of creating a solution just for my needs, let’s create it for everyone’s needs that just solve the daily emails problem. And I want to explain what is daily email problem, because this is very, very deep and it goes deep into the hoods of understanding relationships in business and the deep why of daily cookie. That’s what I want to share with you. So yes, of course I can. I’m sharing that here with you. The daily cookie was created out of my itch and my need for feeling better when I go to sleep and knowing that we’ve sent an email to each tribe with some good free resource all in offer, but I also want to share with you how significant it is to connect to this way with people.


So we live in an era where relationships are crumbling. They are diminishing, they are, we are losing the ability to stay in touch with our family members, with our tribe members, with our customers, with our leads. People don’t listen because there’s like this thick, thick layer of noise between us and other people. And the fight for attention is so hard that like all the main platforms are actually saturated already. So if you got to this point in time, this is so magical where someone actually gives you their email address and says, yes, let’s stay in touch. Let’s connect. Then disappointing those people by not staying in touch in a good, positive, meaningful, valuable way is very sad to me. And that is the soul of, of staying in touch with people. And when I say daily emails, you might hear seven emails a week or five emails a week, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


It can be two or three. It can even be one email a week. I wouldn’t ever go below that because it just doesn’t work these days because even emails are saturated. So, but they’re not as saturated as that platform. So writing an email two times a week or three times a week, and later on, if it works even five times a week, in my humble opinion, it’s just worth it. It just the right thing to do to maintain the relationship, to keep on being generous, to bring your name back to the table again and again, so that why is even deeper than maintaining connections with people. Because when you, as a business owner or a tribe leader, or even a copywriter, when you allow yourself to stay in your genius zone and delegate a part of your connection with your list to someone like daily cookie, you actually, you’re making home for the things that you do that only you can do.


And I think that’s very powerful for me personally, a lot of times it’s coaching and strategy and working on my business and even training my team. All of these things are fairly important and only I can do them for now in the company. And that’s why it’s so critical that I will be able to delegate certain things as many things as possible. I’m actually a programmer by training. And I’ve worked for nine years as a programmer and is a project manager in the pole coming wall. But I decide to not touch anything that is programming in the company. And instead hire someone because my role is to think big, to be on the strategy level, to be on the sales level, to do the things that only I can do. So, and these are the little bit about the why of the cookie.


We help people stay in their genius zone by delegating the rest. We help people nurture relationships. Well, how do we do that? Well, it’s a flat fee type of arrangement, like a subscription where you always know what is your budget? And you get out of it as many as about 22 creative cycles a month, which is like a creative cycle every day. And a creative cycle is a copywriter that sits down and work on something for you. Usually an email end to end, but doesn’t have to be an email. It could be an e-book or a blog post, or a checklist that you need to research on an infographic, like basically anything where you need a copywriter to do the research and to write something. It can even be some social media work. And basically the end of the creative cycle, he will update you exactly what he did for you and send you the output.


And every copy we write, we make sure that it is in your voice and that it is generous and relevant for your needs. We also have like a second copy the writer, do the copy editing so that we make sure the quality is high. And then we also proofread the entire piece by a native English speaker, like English as first language type of, proofreader. And I myself like English is my second language. As you must, must have guessed. I am from Israel. And yet I’m so confident as a copywriter and motivated with seeing results that my clients get, that I am super excited about our quality with the support of like three sets of eyes, basically on every single word that we produce for our clients. And what happens next is basically we’re here for our clients. We serve them every single day.


They come to us and for seven days we create a plan, a content plan, and we landed a voice and we listened to the audio files or the YouTube videos, or we read the books. We even watched the online courses when that applies. And that way, when we write, we capture the voice and it’s not always perfect. That’s why we’re very flexible and open for feedback and have a system of how to provide feedback to us so that we will learn and improve even when moving to the task form one copywriter to the other, if needed. And, uh, usually you just get one assignment forever. Like you just get a copywriter to work with you, but in case cases, maybe I don’t know. Then we have a system also to support you with that. So you pretty much can get about 22 emails in a month.


Now just to come for comparison, I’m not going to name our price point because it can fluctuate and change over time. And I also want you to just go to daily cookie.co and find for yourself, but I know the prices that are out there. So if you are going to by the hour and pay $150 per email, you’re probably be able to afford two to three emails for the price of what we sell a whole month of copywriting, which is the equivalent of around 22 emails. So we are very affordable. And what we’re trying to achieve by that is to simplify the decision and to democratize copywriting. Because right now, if you need to hire a full-time copywriter or even just retainer copywriter, you’re going to need to be making seven figures and anything that is below that will just be able to afford us way, way more efficient.


And we believe in the power of business of businesses to change this world to be a better place. And once a lot of smaller businesses will be able to afford a copywriter. So because that copywriter will help you with nurturing those relationships and with delegating. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the micro-niche mastery podcast season one. And if you did, I do want to have one big favor that I want to ask you, which is to leave us a review. It doesn’t matter. What is the review, as long as you actually put it in and tell us what you think about the podcast we believe with this podcast, me and my team. And I personally, I believe that Micro niches are the fastest way to create results with a business. Yes, you can start Micro and then expand. I’ve done that too, but you should always start with a micro niche.

If you’re into fast results. What I’m trying to achieve with the podcast is explore this idea. Interview people that are either serving micro niches or are operating within a micro niche? So, in this season, you’ve had from people exactly like that, like Chris Badgett who created lifted LMS and like Troy Broussard, who teaches automation to micro niches and, uh, started in the micro niche and people like Islam Benfifi, whites copy, and his service as a copywriter is to a micro-niche and other very talented people that were able to share with you the stories in season one and season two, it’s going to be exactly the same only better I need to include. It will include more ideas, more tips and advices for writing copy. We don’t want you to, you know, to need us. So we’re going to share with you education that helps you become a copywriter or a better writer for all of your email needs so that you could do it by yourself.



And you should definitely do that in the beginning. And once you’re ready to delegate, then we want you to be able to trust us. And we will be here. This is all out in the open, very clear. We want to provide you value that you so good that you will grow your company to the level where you’re too busy to write your emails by yourself. And then you will be able to force yourself to use daily cookie. So if you think that’s cool, go ahead and leave us a review. I would love to see what you think about the season one and either way, I will see you after a short break between the seasons in season two of Micro Niche Mastery Podcast.


Thank you, I’m Ziv Raviv, the host of micro-niche mastery podcast, and it was an absolute pleasure to spend this time with you bye-bye and see you soon enough.

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